Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wrong Sunny Day

Today was supposed to be raining and stormy.
Tomorrow was to be sunny and mid to high 70's.
Well today was a really nice day and no rain. I looked at
tomorrow and it is going to be stormy. Well I guess we will
go anyway as you just never know.

Today was 4 loads of the dreaded laundry day. But at least
its its done and hopefully for at least 2 weeks or close to it.

The trailer next to me sold today. The buyers will be moving
out of this park. I'm sure someone will move in quickly.

I was told after the fact that a herd of deer were romping
about in the meadow. By time I found out they were long

So that was about it for today and I sure am looking for
tomorrow's adventure.

Good Night All


  1. Hope the laundry lasts a month, I know how much we both look forward to laundry day.

  2. Laundry, I'm not allowed to do it, for some reason she hates it when I throw everything into the washer color be damned. :)~


  3. Laundry... now that is a DIRTY subject... are ya sure it is "G" rated material ...

  4. Hello Marsha,
    Yes when you have to go to a laundramat it stinks big time. And in this smaller space now I have there is the problem of where to keep it. I have tried a few places already but have not been happy. But it's a small price to pay for living in such a wonderful place in the summer.

    Thanks for stopping by today. And for joining my world of madness.

  5. Today must be wash day. We did ours too but it will only last for 7 or 8 days. Sure wish it would get cooler here. 101 today. Hey, it is cooler - it got to 104 yesterday.

  6. Ack, put a combo washer/dryer in that storage building asap!