Friday, September 28, 2012

Antique Car Parade

I know I said I would post more of Concho but I think this is more fun.
I have seen the cars all over town this week and I love, love antique cars.
The problem trying to take pictures is they drive way to fast.  But it was a beautiful day
 for the parade. At the beginning it looked like rain but it didn't happen.

This truck was not in the parade it was at the cabin behind me.

Why that color?

Lots of Mustangs to come

I took 334 Pictures I will do a few at a time when I have nothing else to share. Some shots
were deleted .

Good Night All


  1. Lots of neat cars, looks like you had a good location to just sit and watch the action.

  2. well I wonder why Pepto Bismol color too! jeez and the Volkswagon? with flames? that is a VW isn't it?

    Well? gotta be some good guy watching going on there ... hubba ;)

  3. I do believe we saw that yellow car when out west last year. My brother has a 1920 something Model T truck and a 1969 GTO convertible. People who like antique cars really get into it.

  4. Good morning John,

    We had a great spot once we moved away from the spitter.
    We only had to walk up to the main road so we didn't have to worry about parking the car.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Carolyn,
    No that isn't a VW if you mean the green car. I would venture to say it's ? I really don't know. But yes great guy watching.
    Thanks for stopping in for a look see.

    Hello Phyllis,

    There were some Model T trucks and GTOs but they just drove to fast to get shots. I may go to the show Sunday to really have a good look.

    thanks for stopping

  5. Loved seeing the old cars! :)

  6. Hi tinycamper,
    Its fun to watch them go by. This event takes place every year the last weekend of Sept.

  7. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away....

  8. We’re on the same boat, JO. I, also, am fascinated with antique cars. Seeing all these cars that became a major hit during the past is a very eye-opening event, since it does not happen all the time. The yellow auto on the second photo is attractive. If I’m not mistaken, my grandpa used to own a light blue version of it years ago.

    Junior Perrera

  9. Ooh nice!!! My girlfriend would love to ride on that pink vintage. Well, I love the fact that we’ve found a common interest when it comes to classic cars. ;) Every time there’s a car event in our area, we’d always go together!