Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Adventure to Nowhere and Back

Today Liz and I went our planned adventure. We headed
out for Concho. We saw the signs but no town. Lots of
boarded up or just skeletons of buildings. So we kept
going and then we found ourselves in St. Johns. There were
more buildings being lived in. It was time for lunch and 
Liz said she found a restaurant in the map book. We searched
and search and I finally spotted the sign;


It didn't say what Christmas but it must have been a while ago
To sum up how we felt about these 2 towns. Winslow and Holbrook looked like Disney Land.
But the drive was not bad and of course we always have fun.

Another big dream went down like so many other resort type developments

The man made lake is now a mosquito farm

There is a carved eagle head on each end of this home.

I have seen many of these failed resort living places.

The clock is in the middle of the street

When Iggy's failed we found Frankie's. The food and service was good

Yes the chairs are covered in Duck Tape. I guess it was supposed to go with the theme of the place which was about racing

I never knew the stuff came in such huge pieces
I will post more tomorrow on this adventure
Good Night All



  1. I never did understand why someone would think these middle of nowhere developments were a good good idea.
    Next time you stop by Iggy's there ought to be lots of fish on the menu.

  2. This is in Arizona, right? New Mexico and Arizona resemble greatly.... which Christmas... HAhaaaa...

    Winslow and Holbrook -- Disneyland... another HAHAaaaaa

    oh, man? there is just something about the desert stuff that I just can not get into

    I've seen those developments too ... so sad and as Joe says... why in the world would someone think these developments would work? Sounds like a something to have a tax break on or such...

  3. Looks like an interesting day out. Glad you found lunch & didn't have to wait till Christmas! Oh no, that would not have worked either huh?

  4. Good morning John,
    I don't get it either. We did see a grocery but it was really tiney. The only drug store we saw was closed. People that would have had enough money don't want to live like that. And from all the abandon houses even the less fortunet don't want to.

    Hello Carolyn,

    That is why I hate going back to Tucson (well on reason) I love the pines and all the beautiful green here. But just can't get into the snow and bitter cold.

    You might be right about the tax break on these developments.

    Hi Cyn,
    Yes we were happy to find a place to eat and it was clean. that always helps. Oh and you had to go outside and around the building to use the bathroom. It was inside hahah

  5. I love love Tucson, but really out in the middle of God knows what who builds a resort, they tried to sell me some land when I was younger and they thought me stupid I got the prime rib dinner and hotel for 3 days, but never signed up for anything in Vegas no less..ha ha I hate snow and ice and rain, but live where inclement weather occurs about 298 days of the year, learned to live with it, driest september we have ever had here, so that means snow and ice to no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great retirement, I think people should live where it suits them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello Anon,
    Tucson is a great place in the winter. But there are other nice places in the winter with warm temps. I really want to see them and the ocean. I pretty much grew up on the coast as a kid in the summer and still miss it.

    I hope your winter isn't all that bad.

    Thanks for commenting today.

  7. I've driven to many towns that were like that. And I found them in tourist books that talked about the great places to see. See what?? Glad you were able to find lunch.

  8. Hello Teri,
    Yes they make a big fuss and the picture of the restuarant was great. Looked like a fun place. Liz had just bought this map book so it was updated, well I guess not real updated. LOL