Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Windy Day

It was a little warmer this morning about 54. I was
still cloudy but clearing. The wind picked up more and
more as the day progressed. My neighbors left sometime
after 9am. I had already left to meet my friend from Greer.
We drank lots of coffee. :}} And talked about lots of things.

After we left Denny's I went to check out JCPenny's. They
sure don't carry much for such a large store. And they only
carry clothes. If you need linens or anything like that it
needs to be ordered. I left without a purchase.

I stopped to see if Liz needed any help getting ready to
leave but she wasn't ready to start loading yet.

I was all the way home when I realized I needed a car wash
really, really bad. So off I went to get a nice clean car.

I took some pictures of the same tree from the other day
when the leaves just started to change. Now it is really

The tree to the right is really loosing its leaves

This tree is just starting and the sun was rising and lighting the leaves in just the right place
Good Night All


  1. Definitely a different part of the country. Doesn't get very windy here &
    the leaves here just turn brown and fall off the trees. sleep well

  2. It's that time of year to see the wonderful colors, enjoy them.

  3. Good morning Cyn,
    It gets very windy here in the spring and fall. And the leaves change in mid Oct. of course some start sooner like the ones here in Pinetop. I will be going further up into the mountains soon to see if I can catch some really beautiful colors.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    I want to make sure I see them this year. Last year they just started to turn when I left. I will enjoy them believe me.
    Thank you for coming by.