Monday, September 24, 2012

What a Beautiful Day Again

It was chilly and cloudy when we went out for the first walk.
Later as I drank coffee and checked e-mails I hear rain. It
sprinkled for a short time and stopped.

Yesterday the mini blind in the front room had slat failure.
I had to cut to slats around the knob to open the window.
Since the wall is slanted like in most RVs I had to use the
clips to that hold the blinds in place. That is why I had to
cut the blind. Anyway the slats cracked and so they had a
gap. I took it down and un threaded  all the slats so I could
put some  from the bottom in their place. Luckily I always
leave extra ones on the bottom. So its all fixed and this time I even
added the middle bracket to keep the sway out of the middle.
It looks better than before.

A friend from Ponderosa stopped by to say good bye to the
next door neighbor and stopped here to say hi. We sat out as
the sun had come out and it was so nice out.

I intended to go looking for more turning trees but never got
around to it. But tomorrow I am meeting my friend Bobbie
from Greer. Others have left over the weekend and more
will leave this week through the weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Sound like the mass evacuation to the south has begun. At least when you leave the blinds will be in place.

  2. Your life never contains a dull moment.

  3. Hey ..just catching up and reading your post about Winslow and LaPosada...don't you just love that place?! I always say that when I become old(er) I am going to retire there and wander the halls and just be a recluse and let people take care of me..I'm saving my pennies now! You don't have to be dressed up to go in...they don't care. We do stay there maybe once a year and the best thing is for $10 you can bring your dog. And I have seen that little VW..cracks me up all the time!

  4. Good morning John,
    Yes soon it will be nice and quiet in town. This is the big weekend to end the summer. Antique Car show and a big Art and Craft Show at the Wood Land Park.

    Hello Cyn,
    I do my best. Can't let the cob webs get started.

    Hi ain't,

    I guess I will have to go there again just so I can go into La Posada. That was one of my big reasons for going there. But when I saw how fancy it was I didn't think we should. And the VW is great we passed the place and drove around the block to get back to it.

    Thank you all for stopping by for a read.