Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Errand Day

Had to fun errands today that should have been done yesterday so our trip to
Big Lakes was canceled until Friday or Monday.

I thought I had and 8:30 am apt. to get my hair cut. But I guess I was supposed so
call to confirm and I forgot. So it was changed to 1:30. I ran to Wally World and
did my shopping, went to the Post Office and Car Quest to get a bulb for the brake light.
My friend called and was having a problem with her hip and asked if I could pick up some
Ben Gay. So I picked up that and went to get my hair cut and bring her the Ben Gay. Had
to drop some things off at another friends house. We sat out at her place for a while and
talked about future camping plans and camp grounds.

After the visit was over I was ready to come home take Fred for a walk and be done for
 the day. And that was just what I did.

Good Night All


  1. One busy lady running around in circles all day. Keep it up and you'll be a big wheel.

  2. Hi John,
    Just what I want out of life to be a big wheel. haha
    I would rather just play.

    Thanks for stopping by.