Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homolovi Ancient Village off Route 66

Today started with the dreaded laundry day. I really miss my washer an dryer.
 Putting it away is just as bad.
But on with the adventure as we headed back to Pinetop

The camp ground was not a place I would want to stay. There are no trees and of course it would be boon docking
Notice how this is put together without mortar

Somewhere out there are the ruins of the Hopi but at $7. just to drive out there we didn't think much of it and the wind was really starting to blow

I found my new MH! Now if I can find the owner of course this place is closed down.

And that's all folks. Going to have to plan a new adventure soon.

Good Night All


  1. I really like your new camper Jo, that should draw attention wherever you go.

  2. I'm hoping to travel part of Rt 66 in New Mexico and Texas when I leave Mesa Verde at the end of October. Cute "Bug" camper.

  3. Good Morning John,
    Of course it is no longer morning.
    But I love that little thing. Attention may not be a bad thing. Or maybe it would.
    Thanks John for stopping by.

    Hello Teri,
    I want to do more of Route 66 too. Have fun exploring and I will be watching for your posts.
    thanks for stopping by.

  4. I LOVED your photos of the old buildings. I am amazed at how they were constructed without mortar.

    And the paint job on the RV really made me do a double take. Somebody had a real sense of humor. :D

  5. Route 66 would be so much fun! Haha, cute camper. Wonder if it's british? I noted the entry door being on what would be our drivers side.