Friday, September 21, 2012

Norton Anti virus

I had been using Norton since I bought this computer
last summer. When I purchased the program I made sure I
did not select auto renew.  Last week I received an e-mail
stating it would auto renew using my account. I quickly
sent them a reply telling them not to renew. Yesterday I
received an e-mail stating they renewed my account at the
tune of $75. dollars. I have no  complaint with the coverage
they gave but I don't think it is worth that much money. It
took quite some doing but I finally was able to make contact
with chat line to cancel and get a refund.

This morning I had NO INTERNET how powerful is the
company that they can take you down that way. I tried
everything I could think of and I could not fix the problem.
My neighbor is really good at fixing computer problems.
It took her almost 3 hours to get it working again.
I will never use a pay virus security again. Now I have to
see what will happen when it runs out on my home computer.
I will down load a free one before the Norton runs out and
hope that will keep me online. So beware of the these high
cost Security systems. They will not like it when you cancel.

Good Night All


  1. Wow, I'm speechless! I use Avast, it's free, There's also AVG & Rick told me about one by microsoft. I've not checked it out yet though. All free.

  2. Jo, when I had my computer business we used to wrestle with uninstalling Norton all the time. Uninstalling requires a special program available on their web site. Not a program I care for.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Avast is what my friend installed. We will see how it goes.
    Thanks for coming for a read.

    Hi John,
    Since you are aware of this problem you can well understand that since we couldn't even get online it was a real big problem. I don't know how she managed but we still couldn't get rif of all the norton junk. I will let her know about the online program.
    Thank you for the info and stopping by.

  4. Good luck getting it all figured out...those programs are a pain, but we can't operate our systems online without them.

  5. Norton eeeek!!
    After we did a 'trial' and did NOT purchase at the end of it... guess what my laptop went totally bonkers, sloooow... wouldn't load pages, IE constantly crashed..well you get the picture.
    Husband had to wipe it and go back to 'out of box factory' status.
    We had just ordered VIPER, thru HSN @ $99.00
    (3 installmenst of $33.00) plus tax etc, NO S/H tho
    VIPER came a couple days after the wipe, so had used it unprotected...I was amazed at all the junk it found in such a short usage time.
    What I got for the $99 bucks is 10 licenses
    So current + next 10 computers or laptops are protected.
    One time cost, lifetime use, and lifetime updates. It is the most recent 2013 version. So far I am loving it!
    Viper even got rid of ALL the Norton junk that was there...from factory status :) yeaaaa!!
    Check it out you might decide is good for you, anyone else familar with Viper??

    1. Correction: What I got was Current plus protection for up to NINE (9) more computers/laptops ... any PC product.
      Not likely I'll ever need more (won't live that long) LOL

  6. Good morning Kcgac,
    Yes we need protection for our computer and now we need it from Norton too.

    Thanks for coming.

    Hello Marsha,

    This was an ordeal from hell. Let me know how you like Viper. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you have more than one computer as I do. I wonder if this is the one my friend told me about. She got hers on black friday for less than half price. but she didn't get all that many extra.

    Thanks for giving me this info and for stopping by this morning.

  7. I use Norton but down load it from my own disc I buy at target...just got it for $24.99 so thought that was a good deal. I have always been happy with it. Someone once told me not to purchase any program from on might as well buy the disc and do it yourself then you have it. Who knows...we do what we have to do I guess to use a computer..just an illusion of privacy..