Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Pretty Sky

Didn't make it to Wally world. I did get the front bedroom
cleaned up of all the stuff from the MH. Vacuumed really
good in there and the computer room. Set up the dishwasher
and as soon as the dishwasher finished I went to crochet
class. YIPPEE! It was a small group this week but it felt
good to do something fun for a change. After class I went
to lunch with my sister and one of the ladies from ceramic
class. I had the most wonderful salad. 

When I got home I did more vacuuming and some dusting.

Worked on a scarf I am making and just took a breather.
Maybe tomorrow I will make it to Wally world while Fred
goes to the groomers.

That's all
Good Night All


  1. Tomorrow was made for the things you didn't get done today.

  2. Good morning John,
    That's what I thought too. Lets see if it happens.

    Have a great day.

  3. Are you in Tucson or up in your motorhome in the mountains???????? I thought you sold the home you lived in for many years in Tucson????? Seems like it is warm in Tuscon, my friends are to move there for the birth of their only grandchild from their only son, want to be near the babydoll when he or she arrives May 2013!!!!!!!!! Keep warm or cook, enjoy your classes and pat your doggie from us, we only have cats in our home!!!

  4. What ever would we do without Wally World?

  5. Hello Anon,
    I am in Tucson for the winter. I did sell the mh. I have a small trailer in the White Mountains. Where in Tucson are your friends going?
    Thank you for stopping in.

    Hi Sunny,

    I surely don't know. hahaha
    Nice of you stop in today