Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty Night Sky

Spent the day running around again.
Dropped the car off for and oil change and new tires. Broke
my budget for the next 5months I'm sure.

Came home and went to a discussion meeting at the Club
House. Ran home had some breakfast. Or should I say
brunch. Started putting things away and made a phone call.
No sooner than that was over they called to pick up the car.
Forgot my sister had to go somewhere so I called Lois and
she drove me over there. Came home and had another
meeting at the club house. Oh what a circus. Some people
won't listen and they are right and everyone else is stupid.
I hate these meetings.

Anyways I came home and finally did a load of load of
laundry. It felt good not to have to feed the washer and
dryer quarters.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Wally world again. I really
want to get my porch cleaned so I can use it in the mornings
while the weather is still nice enough to have morning
coffee and breakfast out there.

The sky started to cloud up a little before sunset.

That's all
Good Night All


  1. Sleep well tonight. You sure have a busy life. This summer sure zipped by for you. Wow, you make my head
    spin. ;-)

  2. Great sky pictures, showing character.

  3. Nice sky pictures. Too bad the home owner meetings are frustrating, it's time to relax on the porch.

  4. Hi Cyn,
    It has been none stop since I came home last week. I feel like I never left. Don't like that.
    I sure did sleep well last night. Thanks.

    Hi John,

    I wish there wasn't so much stuff in the way of the sky here. Hard to get the full effect of the sky when you have to zoom in so tight.
    But thank you.

    Hello Teri,

    I had stopped going to these meetings a long time ago. Last night was a quick reminder why. But if you don't stay involved this is what happens I guess.

    Going to jump in the shower and head for Wally world so I can get my porch cleaned and hide out. LOL

    Thank you for stopping by.

  5. You are one busy lady! :) I'm out of breath just listening to you! Lovely pictures.

  6. Hello hobopals,
    I can't believe I have been this busy. Is it like this every year when I get home? UCK.
    Hope next week will be better.:)
    Thank you for stopping in for a read.

  7. Love the changing pictures of the sky. Oil change and new tires - gosh we just went through that too.

  8. Hello Phyllis,
    Yes I remember you having that done. I'm just glad it didn't cost me the same as your's did. I would have had to sell the car to pay. JK
    Thank you for stopping in.

  9. Jo, sorry about the meeting. I hate being around people like that.

    But loved your beautiful sky photos! :)