Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Day

This morning was rather chilly but felt quite good. We
walked and talked to some neighbors. Came and took a
shower and waited for my daughter to go do some
shopping. We stopped and had breakfast and Jerry Bob's
 or Billy Bob's or something like that. It was great always is.
Just not very good at remembering names. We went to lots of
of stores looking for what ever. But we really needed to go
to Michael's to check out invitations. I spotted Silver ones
and so I bought just a small pkg to see how they come out.
The colors will be silver and blue. Also they will do the
sand in the jar to join the 2 families. (this is when there are children)Each family takes some sand of one color. And they
pour it into the jar . We did pretty good finding hard to find items today.

It started to get hot and Debbie laughed at that. Well I don't
like the heat.

Debbie also took some stuff home that I brought back.
Hope I find a van soon or something so I can get rid of more
of this stuff cluttering up the front bedroom and the shed.

Saw a few more neighbors this afternoon while Fred and I
went walking.

Tomorrow another busy day. So that's it for now.

Good Night All


  1. The first time I saw the joining of the sand I though what a unique thing and I told my grandson to save a little room for my ashes so we could all be together later.

  2. Hi, Jo,

    Just got caught up on reading your posts since you got home. Hope you are feeling well again.

  3. Hey John,
    What a great idea. Then they can put us at the dinner table at holidays.

    You come up with some great stuff.

    Hi tinycamper,
    Oh yes I am fine. Thank you. Just trying to catch up on house chores and other stuff way to busy.

    Thanks for coming. OH and the hunt is on for a van.