Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall in The White Mountains of AZ.

Today was the most beautiful day. Sometimes it was cold and other times it was just
perfect. Liz and Lucy were expecting me around 10 am. Luckily they know me well
enough to know I would be making stops along the way to take pictures. But I didn't
do to bad I got there just around 10:30.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better it did. Until one bend reveled the fire. It
was like having your heart drop out.

We soon took off to find another lake called Reservation Lake.

I will start with pictures on the way to Big Lake

Took these through the windshield on my way up to Big Lake, I did wash the window but it was still dirty. 

Crescent Lake, there are no trees around the lake I don't know if that was part of the logging times or rangers

On the road to Reservation Lake

Reservation Lake, standing a deck of the store which is already closed for the winter.

Could you imaging drinking coffee in the morning looking out over this?

Lucy looking for fish.
Tomorrow I will post more.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend
Good Night All


  1. Boy Jo, you saw lots of eye candy today. Thanks for sharing you pictures.

  2. Colors are beautiful, JOJO! I have nieces and nephews that have places in Strawberry. Anywhere near you?

  3. Love the golden colors. I think fall may be my favorite season.

  4. Love Reservation Lake...fished there many times!

  5. Good Morning John,
    Oh I just couldn't get enough of it either.
    I will share more tonite.
    Glad you enjoyed.

    Hi Cyn,

    This is my first time to see this since I have been coming up here. I have seen a few leaves turn but nothing like this year.

    Hi Hobopals,

    Strawberry is a beautiful place it is about 1 hr drive from here maybe a little more. I hope I can get up there next summer.

    Hi Teri,
    I think it is mine also. I wish I could stay longer. Maybe next year if I have something to camp in.

    Hello kcgaz,

    Sitting out on the deck of the store brought so many visions of sitting out near any part of the lake. Lucy dropped her line in a few times and got some nibbles.

    Thank you all for stopping for a read and leaving comments.

  6. It's so beautiful, Jo! :)

  7. Hello Luci and Loree.

    Thank you I will be posting more tonite.

    Hello tinycamper,

    I really an hating to leave now. Hope I fins my van or someting so next year I won't have to leave so early.

    glad you both enjoyed the pictures