Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Chilly

What a difference a few days make. It was so warm
 here Monday and Tues. Yesterday it was cooler and
very breezy. Today it was a little cooler and very windy.

I ran to the RV store and picked up the cover for the A/C
unit. But when I checked the tire covers they were almost
double what they were at Wally world. So off to Wally I
went. No tire covers. Oh well I will check back before I
leave. If I can't find them I will buy tarps for now. Or not
do anything until next summer.

Tomorrow it is adventure day. The last one for this season.
I will drive up to Big Lake to meet Liz and Lucy. We will
head out to Reservoir Lake. We have never been there before.
Liz said to bring warm clothes as its been very windy and
cold there. So tomorrow I will have some new photos to

Good Night All


  1. I got my tire covers from Amazon, they probably would be delivered before you are ready to leave. Just a thought.

  2. Hi John,
    I think I will look there. Steve could would know what they were and take care of the covering part if I was gone.

    thanks for giving me that info and stopping by.