Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Falling Leaves and Great Sunset

Today was a wasted day. I waited for the propane
guy all day. Then around 2pm found out he no longer
delivers after Oct. 1. I don't need propane but I have had
trouble getting the hot water heater to work on the gas.
Steve got it working but it won't stay on. Oh well I have
been using it with electric so I will just finish the season
that way. Next season I will have it looked at.

I was going to go to Wally world today but since it was so
late I didn't go. First thing tomorrow is off to get things

Time is growing short departure date is Oct. 10. :(

Good Night All


  1. I would have thought the propane business would have picked up as winter approaches. That was a surprise. Like the sunset.

  2. Good morning John,
    In the RV Parks there aren't enough people to bother. If you need it you call in and he will come. There are only 4 us left here. True die hards.

  3. Beautiful country there. I can hardly wait till time for me to get on the road and head that way!

  4. Hi Sunny,
    It is so beautiful here. But the weather is changing fast. I will be heading down the mountain soon. I hope you can make it soon. Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Sure are some pretty leaves there now. I know you hate to leave, but it is almost that time!

    Be safe, sweetie!

  6. Hello Jim,
    Yes I do but I know its time.
    I hope to find a new to me RV of some kind when I get back. Need to be able to keep rolling when I want.
    Would love to head your way.
    So glad you stopping in today.

  7. Beautiful photos, Jo, especially the large sunset.

    I feel sad at your leaving. It's so beautiful there. Hope you can find a small RV soon so you can keep on trucking! :)