Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leaves Now Orange

Couldn't post last night had to watch Hoarders. We all
have our week points. But it got be moving and getting rid
of stuff today. It always feels good to lighten the load.

Two neighbors stopped by to by pictures. I said I had the
hats and scarves and she bought 2 sets and 2 pictures.

I also got rid of a stand up fan and an end table. Steve took
them both and he also took the rest of the pictures off my
hands. I unloaded a to big of a box and managed to put the
stuff in 2 small boxes. I found those bags that reduce the
size of pillows, blankets. I am going to use them for
bringing the yarn home. I think some will be left here.

The load going home is getting smaller but I still may not
be able to bring everything back this year but that's OK.  

The nights are getting cold but the days have really warmed
up to the lower 80s. But it is still in the 3 digits in Tucson.
I am not happy about that.

6 AM and 40 degrees

Good Night All


  1. It sounds like watching Hoarders inspired you to unload some stuff. You weren't worried about being the next episode, were you?

  2. Good morning John,
    That's why I watch so I never get close to being like that. But those people sure have issues.

  3. supposed to be 101 degrees today LOL Come on home Mom!

  4. PRINCESS!!! Thats not funny.
    but I love you anyway

  5. Jo, the trees are beautiful. I think I would hate to leave there.

    When are you heading back to Tucson?

  6. Hello tinycamper,
    Unfortunately I leave on the 10th. Yes it is beautiful and its raining leaves.

  7. I can just imagine the beauty when those leaves start to flutter down! I think I could take the heat if the humidity was low...