Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Ready

Today dawned really chilly. Low 40s. I looked at
Weather Channel and it didn't look good for Thur.
and Friday. So the decision was made to leave Wed.
Defrosted the freezer and shampooed carpet. Packed more
things into the car. Tomorrow I will do all the laundry. By
Wed. morning I will flush out the tanks and clean out and
store my hoses and hit the road.
It isn't what I want to do but it's time. Have lots to do at
home. And I don't want to hit bad roads in the Canyon.

At least next year I will not have anything to bring up but
some food and nothing but left over food to take back. OH
of course there's always Fred.

About 5 days ago


All the leaves are on the ground blowing everywhere in the wind. Swirling around and around

My Smiley

My other great grandson Cello Look at that face :)
Well I am so tired. Its time to hit the hay.
Good Night All


  1. Oh my ... I was just lying here thinking if my g'baby ...

    Sooooo precious, Jo ... Whatta mug hahaaaa sniff

  2. Mr. Smiley lives up to his name, but it looks like Mr. Cello isn't all that thrilled about posing for the camera. Great looking kids.

  3. What a great picture of "Cello", JoJo. Made me smile!

    Thank goodness the heat of the summer is past. Our trees are not turning, yet, but soon.

  4. Good morning Carolyn,

    I hear he is a real wiseguy. And from the pictures I get he really is.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    Mr. Cello, doesn't like to be told what to do from what I hear. LOL On the other hand Mr Smiley goes along with anything.

    Nice to see you this morning.

    Hello Nancy and Jack,

    I have some pictures of him that just tell you who he is. They say he gets into everything.

    I guess Tucson will still be on again off again with the heat. But it is time to go. :(

    Thank you for coming over to read my post.

  5. Marcello is such a bully LOL. He is so funny though! He is talking so much now.