Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Fall and loading up


This morning it was a brisk 37 degrees. I sure was happy I bought that new hoody
at Big Lake. Of course I have a heavy one already but.. well you know how it is.
So Fred and I sure were happy to have the heater going while we took our walk. It
felt really good to come back in. And of course my nice hot coffee was great. Fred
took his spot in front of the heater.

I had planned on shampooing the rug today. But there was still to many things left around
to be put in the car. So I shoved things in places that could use something soft to shove in
there. I vacuumed the rug really good so it will be ready to shampoo tomorrow.

Steve helped me close the awning so that's done. He took the stools and the 2 extra fans.
I hope its just as warm tomorrow as it was today so the rug will dry quickly. I need to
find somewhere for Fred and I to go in the meantime.

Yes it warms up quickly in the morning. Steve and I talked about how warm it is during
the day. Just one year ago today it was snowing up here for the second time. I was still
up then.

I don't think I will buy the VW Bus. I love it but I would rather wait until I go back so
I can have my mechanic check things out for me.

These pictures downloaded end first.  I was now on my way back to Pinetop on 260

Pulling out of the camp ground just had to have one more Lake picture

After a long morning and some early afternoon we went back to the camp and man what a wonderful lunch Liz and Lucy put together and what a campsite they had set up

What a wonderful adventure to end the season.
Good Night All


  1. Keep moving toward departure. Maybe this year you get out before the snows fly.

  2. Looks like a nice campsite in the woods.

  3. The color in the trees is sure nice!

  4. Hi John,
    Yes I think Friday is the day. Strange weather up here this year.

    Hello Teri,

    They sure did a great job setting up their camp site. Nice and cozy.

    Hello Judy and Emma too,

    I could have stayed for as long as it took for them to go red. But sleeping the car at 32 degrees wasn't all tht appealing.

    Thank you all for stopping by.

  5. Sounds like you are getting everything done for the move!

    I do hope you beat the snow.

  6. Hi Jim,
    Yes I need to pull out on Wed. Bad weather coming in on Thur. and worse on Friday.
    Thank you for caring and coming for a read.

  7. So pretty! My phone is acting weird !! On commenting was fine hen it just won't let me do anything if I make a mistake and have to back space! Drives me insane !

    The others posts with the sadness amongst the beauty? So true .. A lot I don't understand about the cutting and fires ... Isn't the lava interesting? I tell ya this old planet has taken a beating or three but keeps on keeping on ... If we humans don't kill it ... Gorgeous gorgeous planet I think so ;)