Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soft Sun Rise

This morning's sun rise was so pretty. But trying to take
pictures is not fun when you have so many lines in the way.
But I was happy to capture the pink of sun rise.

Went to my crochet class and it was announced that we
will be working with our local Fire Dept. again for Adopt a
Family for Christmas. We were told that it just didn't work
out with the new station last year. We are happy to be doing
it the old way again. We love working with the Fire Dept.
They are lots of fun and they do a lot for our little Village.

A call also went out for help at the local orphanage so we
will step in to do what we can there.

I found a Conversion Van and put in a call to the guy. I
guess he sold it as I did not get a call back. :(  So the search
goes on.

Went to lunch with the Ladies today to celebrate Barb's
birthday a little early. Barb will be having knee replacement
a few days before her big day.

I didn't have time to answer my comments today.
The one about what to do at the meetings has been addressed
many times. I think they will be getting better and some one
dropped off a hammer and block of wood for the chair to 
start using. Hope this works.

 I think I will take a day off tomorrow to go exploring and
 find something interesting to take pictures of .

Good Night All


  1. It really brings out the true meaning of Christmas when you can do for others, especially the children, just a real good feeling.

  2. Sorry the conversion van didn't work out. You'll find one when it's the right time.

    Glad you are back with the local fire department. Makes a big difference when you know the folks. :)

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes it is a pleasure to help with the children. Sometimes it just breaks your heart to know some one who shouldn't be parents bring them into this world. Or for the ones who's parents just couldn't keep it together.
    Thank you for coming by today.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Yes the search is still on.
    But now that Christmas is on its way and so much is needed around town I will be very busy. Of course if some thing comes along I will get it I can always crochet no matter where I am.

    Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

  4. Very nice pictures! I commented on the van, I really hope you find the perfect one for you. :)