Thursday, October 25, 2012

This has been a very strange day

Weather was great at 6:15 am and stayed that way. I was really wanting to get out and do things.

I new I had to get an app. for SS to get see about collecting regular SS. I called and the lady said I would need a copy of the divorce papers which I never had. I never knew I was divorced until he passed away. So I called Superior Court and they said there is no record of a divorce. WHAT! So we even went on line just in case she was wrong. NO! OK this changes a lot of things. So I guess I will just see what happens when  I go down on Tue.

Then it started to bug me that my desk top computer got the blue screen of death. I hadn't used it in 6 mths. So I just started messing around and it finally came up. I did a reset to the date it went crazy. Bingo here I am.

While digging for all the needed stuff I found things that really needed to be shredded so I started to get that done. I then knocked over the can and had tiny pieces of paper everywhere.

By time all this was done I realized I hadn't even showered yet and it was 2pm.

I am now clean and most of the mess I made today is cleaned up. Gee its almost time to go to bed. :D

Good Night All


  1. Oh no, little shreds of paper everywhere, not a good day. Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. And where did the day go? Kind of got away from you didn't it.

  3. I never! you were married and he died and you found out you were divorced and then now you find out you''re reallly not...

    jeeez ... you have had quite a day! shredding and realizing.. haaa?

  4. Sounds like a good novel in the making, Jo!

  5. Good morning Teri,
    I am always making a mess with shredding. Usually it happens when I empty into a plastic bag. I guess I was one step ahead this time.

    Hi John,

    Yes the day sure got away from me. Today I am leaving the house for sure.

    Hi Carolyn,

    It sure was a crazy day.
    So it is shower early pick up my sister and a friend and going furniture shopping for sisters new room. I love spending money that isn't mine.

    Hello Nancy,
    You may be right about the book. haha

    Hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you all for stopping in for a read.

  6. Not divorced? Might be lots better for your SS.

  7. you probably never took that shower huh??? dirty girl LOL. just kidding. glad the computer is ok

  8. Hi Trouble,
    Maybe and I will get widows deduction on property tx. we shall see.

    I am back on the laptop it is acting crazy again. :( Glad I have my laptop.

    1. what the heck? thats weird did you run your norton?

  9. That's what I was thinking. It might be to your advantage that there is no record of a divorce.

    Wishing you the best!

  10. Hi tinycamper,
    Yes I will see on Tue. Thanks for the wishes and your stopping by

  11. Good luck on the SS appointment. Never know what they might say!

  12. Hi Jim,

    I still don't understand how that woman got this so wrong back 2007. I don't know that any of it made a difference in our lives. I always felt that it was done so strange by him. I guess I will find out on Tues.