Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feeling So Much Better!

I felt almost human again this morning. So I stripped down the bed and washed
everything to get rid of the germs And sprayed Lysol all over the place. Took a nice long
hot shower and cleared up my nose. WOW I could breath again.

Went to mail some letters and pick up a few days mail. Stopped in the club house to see
what is up with Chics w/ Stix. We pulled out all the made items to see how much we had
and if more was needed and if so what of. We have plenty and next week is wrap and
then luncheon. Our party for the Fire Dept. is on the 8th. Well I guess it's actually the
donation party. We hope the Firemen will be able to finish their dinner this year. We usually
send all the leftovers to the Dept. for all to enjoy.

I swear tomorrow I am getting the car washed. REALLY! I hate a filthy car and mine is beyond that

Good Night All


  1. We always spray Lysol around when someone has a cold, not sure if it helps, but we like to think that is does.

  2. Glad you're feeling better, so you can join in the fun of the season.

  3. Good morning Teri,
    Yes always have a can on hand. I would like to think it helps. I grew up in a house of Lysol. I don't think it was in a spray can I remember my mom mixing it and wiping it on with a rag.

    Thank you for coming by.

    Hi John,
    Thank you. I'm glad this is almost over I hate being sick. I'm sure most people do. I have lots to do to catch up but will take it slow.
    Thank you for stopping by

  4. The smell of Lysol seems to make most of us feel better...almost like magic!

    I'm glad you are making your way back, sweetie!

  5. Hi Jim my Special Friend,
    It does make you feel better just thinking you are killing the nasty germs. LOL

    Happy your stopped by that makes me feel even better.

  6. Glad you're better! hate being sick... no good can come from it...

    Does pie make yoiu feel better? warm pecan pie with a bit a vanlla ice cream kinda melting down the sides ...