Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ran some errands

I did it got the car washed. Paid extra so they would get more dirt off. I guess they
don't consider the back of an SUV part of the inside. When I went to put things back  it
was not cleaned. I took the stuff out at home so they wouldn't have to move the stuff in
the first place. I guess I can do it myself but that's why I paid more. I don't have time to
 go back.

After having the car washed I needed to do some things like get my daughter's b-day gift
so I figured I would go ahead and get her Christmas gift at the same time since the store
is going out of business after the holidays. The store wasn't open yet so I went to Michael's
to just to walk around. Of course I found things. I bought an undecorated wreath and
found some mini things to decorate it myself. Then went to Anna's linens for a dark
green table cloth. Didn't like what they had so went to Ross. They didn't have one either
but found a plaid one. Need to take it back it was to small. Maybe that's why it was at
Ross. So I bought Tracy's gifts and came home. Took Fred for a walk and then we sat
out on the porch for a little while.

Tomorrow I am going to a mini museum. I am charging the Kodak battery since it will
be close up pictures, I wonder if they allow picture taking.

I will have to bite the bullet and see what all blogger wants for me to post more photos.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, do you have a Dollar General or a Family Dollar store near you? They are pretty good on some of their decorations. Daughter and I went today and she found some of that "snow" in a spray can she was looking for. In other stores it was not to be found. I also picked up a couple decorations. Sweet dreams, friend!

  2. I'm glad that car is finally washed, I was thinking it was going to sprout corn soon. Have fun at the museum.

  3. Hi Sunny,
    Yes we have those stores on almost every corner, and more. We have a Dollar Tree that really only charges a dollar. There is a .99 cent store that has the best produce too.
    Glad you stopped by today.

    Hello John,
    I thought I saw weeds trying to grow in the lines of the car and new I better get going before I got a nasty weed letter from the HOA. hahaha
    Nice of you to stop by.