Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Van :(

I had a bad feeling this morning. I didn't know if I was getting cold feet or what. So we
went for the test drive. We went over things again. The next door neighbor came over to see
what was going on. Just as we started to do the walk around the guy was looking hard under
the van, which was next on my list. There was a large dark spot there. So I knew to get a
better look the van would need to be moved.  It started right up but it had a little trouble
backing up. We thought it was cold.  As I drove away it kind of clunked. I right then and there
figured it had a tranny problem. We hoped it was because it hadn't been driven lately. As I
drove back I decided to go further. Then it really started having a problem. I told the guy the van
had a tranny problem and he said no the fluid was pink. Well I know a tranny problem so
I said I will have to pass. I let him know that as far as other handling it was great. It held
the road hands off and didn't pull when I stepped on the brakes. I was very disappointed.
I was almost home when the guy called me back to apologize.  He took it out and realized
I was right. The tranny had lost all the fluid. He was going to take in and have it checked.
and fixed. Well if he wants to sell it it will have to be fixed. I wished him well.
So its back to the hunt.

We had a beautiful sun set tonight to make up for the bad day.

When I saw these clouds I knew it was going to be good

That's all for tonight

Good Night All


  1. Nice pictures Jo. And I left them all alone....

  2. Glad you found out about the transmission before you jumped in with both feet. And he only found out about the problem after you pointed it out, me bets not.

  3. Hey there AzDesertRat,
    Until I saw the bike I had no idea it was you. LOL. I'm not to slow sometimes. DAH. Have had lots of comments on the moth picture.

    Hi John.
    I guess he figured I was just another dumb woman.

    Thanks for stopping in guys.

  4. Jo, it's better to wait than to get stuck with a clunker. So sorry this one didn't work out, but I'm betting a much better one will come along.

  5. Hello Sharon,
    Yes something better is bound to show up. I really liked the set up in this one but that's OK. I still would like to find something like your sister and make it my way.

    Thank you stopping by.

  6. aw bummer but so glad you found the problem before buying!

    and omg... bautiful beautifu sunsets! ... we do love our sunsets ... and you're right .... when you see the clouds a certain way ... you know it's going to be a good one.

    Tonight, here in La Jolla? dark at 5:freakin30 ... boo .... boo hiss... BUT at least I can hear the waves!

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh to hear the waves. I sure would love that. Or water running in a stream or brook.
    and yes we love out sunsets. Enjoy your stay.

  8. LMAO, why do all men assume women know nothing about mechanics? Been around that all my life so i learned a lot.