Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Made a Big Mistake/ Shower Tent

I really thought I had it all together for this week end. then my daughter
called and said she had everything set for the weekend. I said wow you are really ahead of
the game. OK well she is doing good I did bad, I thought the trip was on the 17th no it's the
11th. OH NO! Well if I do the craft show we get to Kingman to late to go sight seeing.
So I guess I wont do the Craft show. Besides it is going to be 62 and 30% percent rain.
My table was to be outside.  Can't pass up an adventure to stand in the freezing rain and
get my stuff wet.

Lois, brought over the shower tent and we set it up in my living room. We do just about
anything with a little wine.  We just can't figure out how to hang the shower thing. There
 is nowhere to put it. Lois thought one of those hook thing you stick in the ground might
. I will let Lucy check it out when she comes to finish the gates tomorrow and before or
after we go check out the van.

Speaking of Lucy she has done a great job here today. I now have an outlet on my porch I
have wanted for 10yrs and my faucet in the back of the house that never was put in by the
plumber who fixed the pipes after the freeze and running water to my sink in my shed
once again. Lucy rerouted all the pipes that guy put in and they are now under ground.
tomorrow I will have working gates on the front of the porch and the back. Yippee.
There is still lots of work needed around here but now I will have to wait until Jan.
But to have these jobs done after so many years of I'll be there to fix that and no one ever
shows up to do the work it feels great.

Kathy thinks we are nuts. Oh that's right we are. hahah

Lois trying it out. Hey don't get the rug wet.

Fred doesn't like the tent, I think its the sound of the material.
That's all for tonight
Good Night


  1. That sure makes a lovely addition to the living room and I'm sure it will be a good conversation starter when company comes over.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it does. Still can figure out how to hang the shower in there.. We kind of came to the realization its just for a potty. It sure is a big thing but it fits into a little bag once it comes down.
    Glad to see you this morning.

  3. That is too funny, Jo. I'll be interested in how you turn it into a shower. I know quite a few people who have one just for a porta potty. There are some that are actually rigged for a shower, but a guess a couple of buckets of water would do the trick! LOL

  4. Hello hobopals,
    We are pretty sure this wasn't meant to be a shower. Just a privacy thing for your porta potty and it sure is see thru when the sun hits it. LOL

  5. HAhaaaa... well? switch from wine to hard liquor... that'll work...

    I have a pop up privy tent... supposed to be used as a shower too but I haven't and don't see a hook em on thing either come to think of it... hmmm Well? I just use it for privacy mainly when I have to be around 9,000 other campers! boo hiss

  6. You can come up with the most interesting things to decorate with!

    Never a dull moment around your place!

  7. Hi Carolyn.
    Actually I was drinking water they had the wine. Yes I thing that's about all I would use it for too. Or I may give it back.

    Thanks for your input.

    Hi Jim,
    Yes I have unusual tast sometimes hahaha. Fred did not like the tent at all. My friend was trying to get inside and he ran behind my legs and looked at me like MOM that lady is crazy.

    Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  8. You sure had us laughing tonite Jo !!

    You must have been shocked to realize you were planning for the wrong weekend.

    We set up a brand new tent in our living room once too, but the fun soon ended when I broke a couple of Teresa's crystal candle holders !!

    Dang, now she is mad at me again remembering what I did!!

    Take care ... TnT

  9. Hi TnT,

    Oh that was bad. I was worried about the ceiling fan but we did OK.
    So happy you stopped in for a read.