Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Everything Ready

Going to test drive the van Wed. So I went and transferred the money, if it doesn't
 work out I can put the money back. Took the cash for change out today for the Craft
Show Sat. and went grocery shopping.

Worked on a scarf and of course ran out of yarn. This scarf has been very stressing and I
will never use this pattern again. So its a fast run to Wally tomorrow for white yarn. Made
a really cute beanie in 4 shades of purple.

That all for tonight

Good Night All


  1. Happy test driving, hope it's good.

  2. Oh, lucky you! I hope you just love it!

  3. Good morning John,
    I hope it goes well too.
    Thank you.

    Hello Nancy,

    So far I love it just hope it drives well and it passes its inspection

    Thank you for stopping by today