Sunday, November 18, 2012

Part of My Wedding Outfit

Today was another really nice day.

I cleaned up some of the shed but it was just to nice out. So Fred and I went for a
walk and over to my sisters to drop off a little crystal dish thing I didn't want. Then we
walked back and moved out to the porch. We sat out there enjoying the wonderful weather.

Lois called and wanted to know if I was outside . So she walked over and sat for a while
asked if I wanted to run to Michael's. Well of course. We saw a sign that said Lady Bug
was going out of business so in we went. I found a really pretty top and a pair of grey
pants. Tomorrow I am going back for the other pants I really wanted. Everything was 50
to 70% off. Can't beat those prices.

Not crazy about the grey pants so I will go back and get the palloza pants in black.
don't know why this is underlining

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a great week
coming up.
Good Night All


  1. wow... what a top! great outfit... 50 to 70? whoa

    great pictures ;)

  2. That's a classy top. I guess that's what you get for a classy lady.
    Good sunset.

  3. Snazzy outfit, there Girl!! love the photos!

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks my friends found it and I found 2 others but the dark blue is the wedding theme I love when shopping goes so easy.
    Glad to see you this morning.

    Hi John,
    Aww thank you. You just to kind.
    I just wish the camera would catch that red in the last photo.

    Thank you for your kind comment.

    Hello Sunny,
    Going to run back this morning for the flaired pants that I think would be better.
    So glad to see you here today.

  5. So this it yours? Guess I missed something!

    Nice looking top. Bet you are a knockout when you are dressed up, 'cause you look way good all the time!

    Nice pictures!

  6. Hello Jim,

    HECK NO! it isn't mine. ahaha My daughter is getting married. Thanks for the wonderful comment.
    You made me blush.
    So glad you stopped in this morning.

  7. love the shirt mom and the color is perfect :-)