Monday, November 19, 2012

Last of the Light

Today was another beautiful day. I can't believe this weather
and it makes me wonder what kind of winter we will have.
Will it be really cold once it hits or will it be mild. We
shall see.

I made a quiche today for lunch and my sister came over.
After lunch we headed to Lady Bug for the black pants.
My sister picked up a few things. We stopped at Ace so
she could return some items and I bought a clamp for the
new pipe out back.

Didn't do much else but take a walk and then sat out on the
porch for a while. Just hated to come in.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds lie you are having great weather, hope it continues.

  2. WE had gorgeous weather today. Too good in fact, I washed the RV and my van. Ouch

  3. Good morning John,
    It has been so beautiful these past few days. Sounds like it warmed up for you too. Lets just keep our fingers crossed it stays around for awhile.

    Hello Cyn,
    I know you are getting a little cabin fever, but be careful of that foot. My car is filthy dirty and I never let it get like that but OH Well.

    Thank you both for the visit.

  4. I am also contemplating what kind of winter you will be having as I will be in the are also :) Has to be better than Pennsylvania, doesn't it??

  5. Hi Sunny,
    Oh yes it has to be and will be better here. :) Can't wait to meet you.

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