Saturday, December 15, 2012

Look Who Came to Visit

It rained some this morning and it stayed really cold and cloudy most of the day.

I have been going through cabinets for a while now getting rid of stuff. I have 2 boxes now.
And I am not finished yet. It feels good to get rid of things. I had things I hadn't used in
years. Organized cabinets and put things in neat baskets that I had for a long time. I like
the look when I open a door.

Then Tracy called and said she had a visitor and they came over.

Look I'm sleeping   NOT! he loved the way the blanket felt 

He loves the camera.

  He's getting so big and silly. Loves the lights on the tree. There are tiny music boxes on
the coffee table and he loved the little tunes that they play.

After they left I got dressed and headed out to dinner with my Sister. I really didn't want
to go out it was so cold. After dinner we went looking at lights. We usually bring hot
coco but since we were out we didn't have any.

Hope you are all being safe on the roads this season of shopping and parties.

Good Night All


  1. What nice company to have. I'll bet it made your day.

  2. Good morning John,

    He was the sun shine for the day in an otherwise cloudy day.

  3. What a cutie! Makes the heart a little warmer on a chilly day!

  4. He looks like he can be quite the ham! Bet it was fun to have him around.

  5. How wonderful to have such a little man to be a part of your life !!

    I bet he is getting excited for Christmas ...

    Take care JoJo ... Tnt

  6. Hi Jim my Special Friend,
    He sure did warm up my heart. Such a rascal but a sweet baby.
    Thank you for coming to see me today.

    Hi Cyn,
    Yes it is fun. And he loved that blanket I will have to buy him one for Christmas. I asked him if he wanted to go to sleep so he laid on the floor, but right after I took the picture he started to laugh.

    Hello TnT,
    He is just the love of our life. My daughter and I can't get enough of him. He loves the tree lights and the little things I have around the house that play music. Kept bringing them back to be woundup agian.

    Thank you all for stoppign by today.