Thursday, December 6, 2012

New scam Warning

The Easts Head West was hit with a scam. It was a government warning and then froze up their computer. It said to pay $200. and to give there codes. Fortunately Phyllis didn't fall for it and called a Government Security office. They said this scam had raked in $400,000. in one week. They now have to take their computer in and have it completely wiped out. They can gain access to your bank accounts during this time. To read more about this you can go to their web site .Just what we need for the Holiday's .

Today is another recovery day and I am feeling pretty good. Tired but good. I can breath!

I went in and I hope have set up my picture add on here so we shall see.
YIPPEE!  These are the pictures I took at the Mini Machine Museum.

The blurs are desert critters on motorcycles in various dress.

This village is in the floor

Santa's work shop. Can you see his pitcher & glass of beer?

Good Night All


  1. Cute pics. Bet it's easy to get mentally lost there through fascination.

  2. That Santa is a sly devil. I always marvel at the patience and hours required to create something like this. Glad to hear you're feeling gooder.

  3. Beer???? I always thought Santa ate cookies and drank milk. Learn something new everyday!

  4. Great pictures of the museum. We got their monthly email just yesterday.

  5. Hi Cyn, I tell you if my feet didn't give out I could have spent at least another 3 hrs. We are going to go back for sure so we can finish.

    Hello John,
    Yes I am feeling gooder thanks.
    It is amazing how tiny some of these things are and how much work goes into some pieces.

    Hi Sunny,
    All those years of leaving the cookies and milk out. But it was always gone in the morning. hmmm LOL

    Hello Phyllis,
    I have more but wanted to see if it worked after I signed up and paid. I may sign up for the e-mail when I go back.

    Thank you all for stopping by.

  6. LOVED the pictures!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Jo, we were so disappointed to hear you had to cancel your boat tour !!

    You really must get better quickly, so you can get ready for Santa !!

    Please get well soon ... TnT

  8. Bummer on the scam! rat bastards ...

    Can't see the pictures too well on my iPhone ... Won't let me enlarge blog photos !

    But what I can see! Awfully cute ... Haaa reality Santa ...