Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Strange Thing

Looks like we are in for some cold weather this week. Mostly the day time highs will be in the 50's. Who sent this here?  Oh well I guess it is winter even here.

When I went to open my blog in my favorites it was gone. I don't know how I may have deleted it. Then it seems like it couldn't be found for a while. Then it popped up again. Gremlins I guess.

I had the most beautiful budgie at my bird feeder today. He was eating like crazy. I went out to see if I could get him to come to me but he wasn't having it and flew off with the rest of his wild buddies. He came back again and I went out again as I thought I should fill the feeder. Again he flew off and I haven't seen him again. Did I think to take a picture NO! of course not. Maybe he will be back tomorrow. His or her coloring was yellow and that bright green.  I'll pick up some of those seed cakes tomorrow since it will be cold. I have a couple bird houses out there but I don't know if birds have ever used them . They are full of spider webs and I can't get them down. They are in need of some repair. By dad had made them a few years ago. I may work on that tomorrow.

Other than that not much going on. Did some work around the house and looked up some smoothie recipes.

Good Night All


  1. With the cold weather on the way I'm sure the little feathered critters will appreciate your kind heart.

  2. A wild budgie?! no kidding... you think he escaped or do budgie's ... well, I didn't know they could be in the cool! hope you get a picture...

    it's sooooooo cold here ... 16º and the high will be 34 whole degrees today! yay

  3. Morning Jo, to say it is cold in Arizona is so true. Our overnight low was 27 and our high today will be 46 if we are fortunate.

    Plenty of birds eating all the seed we have out for them, 25 lbs this month alone. It is almost like setting another plate at the table. lol

  4. Good morning John,
    I only feed them in the winter when it gets this cold. I can tell they are happy.

    Hey Carolyn,
    He must of flew his coop. I don't think he regrets it or he may have thought " I bet this sucker will take me in".

    Stay warm if you can.

    Hello JMD,
    What part of AZ. are you in? It sure has changed from all those 80 degree days we had for so long.

    I need to go pick up more sweat shirts since I left them up in Pinetop. But I guess I can keep wearing the Christmas ones this cold won't last to long.

    Thank you all for stopping by this chilly morning.
    Stay warm drink lots of hot stuff.

  5. Jo, I live in Cottonwood, Verde Valley area. We have a terrific view of Mingus Mountain right out our living room.

  6. The 50's would be a heat wave here. :) On Sunday the wife and I saw a Hawk that must have been older because it was huge! Everytime I stop and try to take a picture, they sense it, even from a distance away and fly off.

    Some day I'm going to capture a picture, I hope!

    Stay warm!


  7. all my bird houses are full of wasps,,need to clean them out before spring.

  8. JMD I love Cottonwood. Such a pretty place.

    Hello Erik,

    Somes time I could just cry at the shots I have missed. Keep trying.

    Hello Trouble,

    I was just out there and tried to get them down again. They used to fall off the wall and of course land on the other side. So I would have to drive all the way around the block and hope I didn't step in a snake trying to reach it so I glued them down and its been years must have been some good stuff.

    Thank you all for coming by today

  9. Would love to have seen the wild budgie. So glad you are making sure he doesn't go hungry!

    Winter found us with a vengeance, too. Although I hate cold weather, it is normal for this time of year. And I am relieved to see a little normal!

  10. I think the temp just dropped about 10 degress and the wind is strong.

    Haven't seen him today. Hope he is OK.

    Thank you for the visit.