Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Ready Fofor the New Year

The weather sure has changed threw out the day. Of course it started out pretty cold. Even though Fred had on his sweater he wanted back in as soon as he was done. And of course headed straight for the nearest heater vent.

I needed to pick up some fruits and veggies and other things so headed for Wally world around 10:30 am. It had warmed up some but I had on a sweat shirt and still was a little chilly.

I walked around and just looked at the things that were left over from Christmas and as I was noticing things weren't going that cheap a lady said it out loud. We talked a little and then went on our way. I needed bags for my vacuum but they didn't have any I needed but I found the ones my daughter needs and couldn't find. I stuck to my list and was on my way.

I felt really warm and came home and put on a t-shirt. That sure didn't last long. I took Fred out and it was down right cold again and the wind started gusting pretty good. I looked up and the sky was really dark to the north. I ran back in the house and put on my sweat shirt again over my t-shirt this time. I filled the bird feeders and put out the feeder cakes. I have not seen the parakeet again. I hope he makes it through this cold week.

I did 2 loads of laundry and put away the Christmas t-shirts and one of the sweat shirts.

Picked up a planner and a new calendar with doxies  for 2013. And put together a 3 ring binder for the smoothies I found recipes for.

Cut up fruits and put them in snack bags to freeze.

Gee I guess I was pretty busy today. Well that's a good thing.

Our low tonight will be 33 and the high tomorrow will be 53. I will put more of the Christmas stuff away since it will be to cold to do much else outside.

I hope you are all rested up and ready for the New Year.

Good Night All


  1. You did have a busy day, made me tired just reading all you did today.

  2. Morning Jo, we managed an overnite low of 22! Good grief, I moved to Arizona to stay warm not freeze. We have to go to the store today so that should prove interesting. I will see if I can still walk after putting on all the clothes I own.

  3. Good morning John,
    As I wrote each thing I was getting tired It finally hit me.
    Nice to see you when I sit here with my coffee in the morning. Thanks You.

    Hello JMD,
    I think we hit 28 at 6:30 am when I walked Fred. Had to bring in the garbage and and it had frost on it. The stores haven't been bad at all. Have a great day and stay warm.
    Thank you for coming.

  4. 'morning, Jo ;) guess what we got here today? freezing rain.... after three nights snowed in this motel... I'm getting outta here ... after the freezing rain? it's just going to rain..

    HAhaaa... man?

    Low back down to 27 the high today? 41 ... it's now all the way up to 34

    BUT I'm going with my son to pick up my g'baby ;) ... rain schmain...

    Sure would like a smoothie... AND a waffle... with pecans


  5. sounds like your buying wedding diet food LOL. We are all about to go on Debbie's wedding is this year diet!! LOL

  6. Hey Carolyn,
    I am so soory you have hit this weather after all the nice weather you left behind. And to be stuck in one room would really send me over the edge after that many days.
    You guys be safe going to pick up the baby.
    waffles with pecans sound so yummie compaired to this first smoothie. :(P
    Stay Safe out there.

    Hi Princess,
    OK this first smoothie is horrible. I only managed to get half of it down. Hope the next one is lots better.
    Love you

  7. Your weather sounds pretty close to ours. Yep, started out with a t'shirt & hoodie over it. shed the hoodie this afternoon & soon put it back on around 5pm! But I admit, although it's cold & I don't like to be cold, I sure like the comfort of wearing sweats!

  8. I saw those dark clouds from my brother's house...yuck! I have been so lazy since arriving here. You make me dizzy, haha. I think i spent all my energy in Big Bend!