Friday, December 28, 2012

The Little Green and Yellow Parakeet is back.

Today I was doing dishes and looking out the window to the
feeder. And there it was on the ground the little green and Yellow
Parakeet. He looks fine and when the other birds take off he
takes off with then. Of course it can be a she. I really couldn't
tell what color his nose was. Oh it is a female

Not much else for today. Be safe this weekend lot of party
people out there.

Good Night All


  1. Just like the field of dreams, you build it and they will come.

  2. Looks like she isn't too shy! I'm glad she has found some friends to hang with!

  3. Oh now I'm worried about that little bird. I used to have keets. My first one was the little love of my life, he was really a cool little bird. I wonder if someone there lost it, or worse, set it free :-( they don't survive well in the wild. other birds get them.

  4. oh, the little thing... I had one like this when I was a kid... Thomas P.Q. Jones was his name... had him 6 years.

    wonder where he came from ... seems terrible to say but can you cage him? they are, to my limited knowledge, not adaptable to the wild? little thing

  5. Jo, I don't understand about the parakeet. Do those live where you are at or is this someone's pet? I have never seen one here in the summer and I am always keeping my eye out for new and different birds.

  6. Good morning John,
    Yes they come and they come. Bird house was made many years ago by my dad. It needs work but can't get it down.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi Jim,
    Yes she seems to do alright with the other birds. It has been freezing temps at night so I worry.
    I had hoped when it was sitting next to the house it would use it.
    Thank you for coming over for a read this cold morning.

    HI Cyn,
    It isn't very trusting so I don't know how long it has been free. I wouldn't like to think someone let it go like that.
    Nice of you to stop by today.

    Hello Carolyn,
    I don't have a cage but I don't think it can be caught. She flys off as soon as I make a move even at the kitchen window. Maybe who ever had her wasn't very kind.
    Glad to see you here this cold morning.

    Hello JMD,
    No these are not native to our country. It must have gotten away from it's home some how. Maybe they had her cage on the porch and she got the door open or flew out or an open door at someones house. I have known people who have aviaries in their yards and breed them or just to have lots of birds. Usually they are heated somehow for the winter months.
    Hope this helps you to understand.
    Thank you for stopping by today and have a great day. Stay warm

  7. Oh, what a beautiful litle bird! I have a cage, but its back in Pennsylvania :(

  8. Oh so cute...Let him the house and keep it...Fred would like that. Good pictures but its snowing again and you could get some really good pictures!!!

  9. Hi Sunny,
    I won't ask you to go get it. haha Hope you come back for a look I left you a comment.

    Hello Kathy,
    I think this is Kathy. I bet Fred would love to chase it all over the house. Don't think I want to poop everywhere.
    I would love to come and take pictures but I will have to wait to see yours. It's cold enough here.

  10. So glad the little budgie is back, and that he is alive and apparently healthy! I'm surprised that he is doing so well out in the wild!

    Bless you for feeding him -- or her! :)

  11. Hello tinycamper,

    I was busy today but did refill both feeders. I could have missed him.