Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Busy Day

I decided to start putting away the Christmas stuff around
the house. I started in the kitchen and cleared off the hutch
and polished it up good. Then moved to the stuff over the
top of the cabinets they needed a good cleaning too. Next
put away all the snowmen and hauled it all out to the shed.
Repacked most of the Christmas dishes and put them
away and rearrange my dishes and other kitchen things.

I was invited to check out a neighbors van today. I believe
they called it a Run About. It is like the Roadtrek and
Pleasureway. Theirs has a push up top like some of the VW
vans. It was a nice set up. But it takes 2 to push it up and
take it down. The lady told me they come with and electric
 lift tops but since they bought it used it was this way.
 They looked into conversion but it would cost $2,000. So
it is what it is for now. It is a great little camper nice and
airy and open really nice floor plan. They sent a few web
sites for me to check out.

Back home I continued to change things around for a new
look. Not furniture I'm not going there. I'll leave the tree up
until after New Years day.

Well it's time to relax. Be safe out on the roads.

Good Night All

Sunny if you come for a read I left you a comment to get in
touch with me Please.


  1. You keep looking and I'm sure something will turn up.

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  3. Hi Jo, sounds like we both worked on several projects yesterday. I like to think I was keeping I decided while we are housebound I would thin the ranks of belongings and have made a pretty good dent. Not quite sure how all that "stuff" sneaks up on oneself during a year.

  4. Good morning John,
    I'm in no hurry. I made up my mind I can't wait until one comes along. But it is good to get some ideas of floor plans. It's very interesting to see how many there are.

    Thank you for being here today.

    Hello JMD,
    It is amazing how much stuff can find it's way into the house. I have been donating items for awhile now. I need to go get more boxes. Been donating to big brothers big sisters down the street.

    Have a great day and stay warm.

  5. 'morning, Jo ... Run About? don't recall seeing one of these... I've decided to try and make the 5th wheel work for a home base. But ol Homer for my 'get outta town' trips...

    Donating to Big Brothers and Sisters... very cool!

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Give it a try sounds good and as long as you can still get outta town with Homer you won't feel trapped.

    I like Big Brothers and Big Sisters kids need that sometimes.

  7. Hey Jo, must be the day for putting away the Christmas dishes. Me too. I love that lavender tint on your page background from the beach. The colors are so pretty with the warm sands. Nice. And the that a mesquite or a California pepper tree or what? Nice photo

  8. Hi Sue,
    Is there sand? I only see the tree and yes it is a Mesquite I just liked the veiw so I pulled into a parking lot and took this picture.

    Yes I love Christmas and I love to put everything out but it sure gets messy looking quick. Glad you like the picture. Been trying to change it but can find one I like there are so many.

    Thank you for stopping by for a read.