Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Winter Day

They lied again about the weather. Of course they said it
might today but talked about being in the mid 60's. It
didn't rain during the day and that was OK. But it was .
nowhere near 60 let alone mid 60. But  Fred and I
managed a nice long walk.

I remembered I had an eggplant in the fridge after I
stopped at my sisters and she had made hers. So I
came home and cut it in half. I cut out the center of both
halves, chopped it up and added black olives, tomato,
garlic, onion a splash of egg beater and a small sprinkle of
bread crumbs. Oh yea and a splash of wine. I sprayed the
dish with olive oil and baked for 1hr. I covered it for the
first 30min and uncovered it for the rest. I cooked it that
long because I think there is a problem with the oven temp.
My sister only backed hers for 30min. I will have to buy  a
thermometer to check it out. And I don't do measurements I
just put the stuff in as I go along.

The wind really started to whip up around 6:30 and then
heard the rain. I went out to the shed to get a pair of slippers
for Tracy, and that east side of the yard was bone dry.
Of course now it is pouring down rain on both sides of the
house. And it is really cold.

Guess that is all for tonight.

Good Night All



  1. g'night, Jo... can't believe I'm watching the Cowboys and the Redskins and Romo just threw an interception and we were almost there for a touchdown.... why do I do this... it's for all the marbles...

    jeeeeeez - stupid game

    your eggplant sounds wonderful! that sounds like Texas weather... raining on one side ... hahaaa

    I'm not a winter fan... I'm just not...

  2. You can have my share of the eggplant. Not something that my Irish taste buds can handle. I've got an idea, let's call off winter for lack of interest.

  3. Oven temperature variations drive me up the wall. I got a new oven last year and this one bakes warmer than the last one. So...after some fiddling with times and temperatures I think I have it figured out.

    We have snow on the ground! Not tons but a light dusting enough that the shrubs are no longer green. Mingus Mountain is looking very white and beautiful. Brrrrr. I am going to make a huge pot of chili and some bread to stuff ourselves with. lol

  4. Good morning Carolyn,
    I don't do TV sports. They bore me to death. Now if I could be there... That would be a different story. I would be hoopin and hollarin all over the place. hha About the only sport I might watch on tv is basket ball.
    It rained all night I both sides of the house. haha
    Hope it warms up for you. And thanks for stopping in.

    Hi John,
    I love eggplant and this is a new way of making it for me.
    I agree lets call off winter. My bones hurt even the ones that aren't real. I wonder if they can get rusty?
    Have a great day and thank you for being here.

    Hello JMD,
    I hear you, I had to buy this stove 1yr 1 week after I bought this place, which means the insurance no long covered appl. It's 13 yrs old now and they sure don't make things the way they used to. I guess I can have someone come in an check it out maybe it just needs a tweeking.

    I bet it looks pretty with the dusting of snow around and to see the mountains covered is always a treat.

    Stay warm and cozy. Thank you for stopping in for a read.

  5. Jo, I moved from an elevation of 500 feet in another state and since we are at 3,500 feet I have had to tweak the recipes because I couldn't get them to rise. Another problem I had was that they would be dry as dust. I love my new oven, the first year here we had to replace the dishwasher and refrigerator. Grrrr, nothing cheap about all of that.

    I think I would have someone come out and mess with the oven rather than try to guess since it is getting up there in years. lol And yes, it is pretty with snow all over. Hooray.

  6. JMD,
    I guess I can't complain to much about replacements. I did have to change out the fridge but that was some years later. But I am wondering how long the dishwasher will last it is the one that was here and I think this place was built in 1993.

    The weather here is really cold and wet.

  7. I'm all for calling off the rest of Winter, even though we haven't had a lot!

    Main thing is to keep those feet warm! My feet get cold, and I'm done for!

    Happy New Years, sweetie!

  8. Hi Jim My Special One,
    Yes keeping the feet warm usually helps keep the rest of the body warm.

    Happy New Year My Friend!

  9. The eggplant sounds yummy. The weather sounds about like ours.

    Spring is coming.... :)

  10. Hi tinycamper,

    Are you sure spring is coming. haha We are looking at about a week or so of this weather.

    Thank you for stopping by.