Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Look Who Came for Dinner

I want to say thank you all for coming and reading my blog
over the years and some are new readers. It has been fun and
I sure enjoy reading your blogs too! I wish you all a very
Happy New Year!

I has been very cold today and raining on and off. We took
a few walks today. Me in my hoodie and Fred in his sweater.
The birds eat like crazy today. I guess they need the food to
to sustain their energy.

The bushes are full of birds

Little green is looking a little worse for wear.

I believe it is one of these bird that picks on little green

I believe this is a juvenile Coopers Hawk, this is what I fear about feeding the birds
this guy showed up but didn't get any lunch here. Judy? Or maybe a juvenile
 Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Please be safe out there tonight if you are going out.

Good Night All 


  1. aw, jeeeeeez that little green guy ... beautiful other birds too ... great pictures... You have a zoom lens? that little rose breasted guy... how pretty... the hawk too

    Happy New Year... night

  2. Just like the bird branch of the welfare office. Some birds have no manners.

  3. It's too bad the hawk has come to your yard, hopefully he will go somewhere else for dinner. Happy New Year.

  4. Got to feel bad for the little parakeet. If it would only warm up. I sometimes think we have as many hawks as we do the other birds. Every once in a while they catch their next meal.

  5. I believe you are right on about the juvie Cooper's hawk. If you put out seed for birds, you have to expect the occasional hawk. ;)

  6. Hello Carolyn,

    It's 28 degrees this morning and it is already 7:45. I keep hoping he will show up the next day or use one of the bird houses out there. While Fred and I went out on morning patrol the hummers were out in force to their feeders for that sugar fix poor little guys. The rose breasted ones are called house finch and in spring they are very red.

    Hello John,
    Yes they never seem to get enough of anything.

    Hello Teri,

    He lives around here somewhere. With all the open space and mountians its a haven for them.

    HI JMD,
    Yes we have lots of hawks here and they are around
    alot. I worry they will swoop down and grab my little dog if I leave him out on the porch.

    Hello Judy,
    There are lots of hawks here even when there are nos seeds. Had a beautiful Kestral on my porch once he was eating lunch. It looked like a mouse.

  7. Have a great New Year, sweetie! Bless you for feeding all the little birds of the area!

  8. Hello Jim,
    Hope you also have a great New Year.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Very interesting pictures Jo! Especially the hawk... Hope little green will be ok.