Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Puting it all away

Today was freezing cold. I don't think we made even made 50 degrees.

Waited for it to warm up so I could go to Michael's for the great deals on yarn. Off
we went around 11 am. Had to unload yesterday's gonga deals first. Picked up a pre lit
wreath for my sister and of course the yarn. Stopped at Anna's Linens for a table cloth and
came home.

I figured it was time to take down the decorations outside. It didn't take long but it sure
was cold out there.
I looked for little green today but didn't see her. I talked to my friend about it and she
brought over a cage to see if we can't get her to hop on in. I asked Rosemary if she would
take the bird if caught and she said no. I'm sure I will find a home for it somewhere.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day and stayed warm.

Good Night All


  1. Hope things warm up for you soon. I know how uncomfortable the cold is for us thin blooded people. We've got cold coming here until Monday.

  2. I'm putting off taking the decorations down until tomorrow. Love the way you just go and do without dragging your feet!

    Maybe bait the cage with the yummiest seeds and cut up apple? Looks like he's doing okay on his own as long as kind people like you put out food for him!

  3. Morning Jo,

    I hope you will be able to lure the little parakeet into the cage. Too cold outside for all of us! When you catch it be sure to snap a pic and post it. I would take the bird but we have two cats and the poor thing would be hounded to death.

    Boy, you are so lucky, a Michael's store! Sigh, a distant memory from a previous life. On-line shopping is my only comfort since the town is so small. Smile. I think my husband wishes my computer would break. lol

  4. Good morning John,
    We are going to have a heat wave for the next 7 days, temps will be in the mid 60's.

    Hello tinycamper,
    Oh but I do drag my feet I can find any excuse to not do things. I still have to take down the tree. Will do it today for sure.

    The lady that brought over the cage did put some special treat seed in the cage. I just hope its little green that goes in not all the others.

    Hi JMD,
    I would keep it but since I am always on the go it wouldn't work for me. Taking Fred is one thing but a cage with a bird? hahaha

    Maybe you will get more stores soon. Lot's of people are moving out that way. But I remember wishing for more stores out this way now they are here and so are all the people and traffic.

    Thank You All for stopping by.

  5. g'morning, Jo ;) hope little green is ok

    coldern a well digger's butt here... still lots of patches of snow BUT I'm at a lake.. lots of ducks

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    Well at least your at a nicer place. Coldern a well digger's butt. hahah new one for me.
    Have seen little green today not many birds around today. I think the hawk scared them off.