Thursday, January 3, 2013

What No Santa Gift?

It warmed up some here today. I think we may have reached 62.

I finally took the tree down and put everything away.

Just as I was going to wash the rugs in the kitchen and wash the floors
I discovered we had no water. At first I thought my machine broke oh what next.
Then went to the kitchen sink and Well No Water there either. What a relief. Guess
there was a leak somewhere and they had to turn it off.

I had another bite on the trailer up north. We shall see what comes of either offer if

As I read Travelin with John's blog tonight I realized I didn't get me a Santa gift this year.
And for the life of me I just can't think of anything in particular I want. Well that isn't true
I just can't afford the things I want. haha

There has been no sign of little green for 2 days now. I hope nothing bad has happened
to her.

Good Night All


  1. I was really hoping that you would have a picture of green in the cage sitting all snug in the cage. Maybe today is the "Big Day" for a capture?

    I know what you mean about things you want. Nothing I want is cheap...sigh. Probably why I don't have it, yet. lol Currently saving my money for indoor shutters to keep the summer blazing heat out of the house. We bought a few last year but it takes time.

  2. Good morning JMD,
    I love shutters too. But yes they are costly. I had bought the 2in blinds for the living room and they are now in my bedroom But they are also not cheap. I hope to be able to get a few more.I really want them in the livingroom.

    Maybe the lucky day to catch little green or even to see her again.

    Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

  3. aw little green... maybe it will be the lucky day today....

    I got zip for Christmas... I'm such a bah humbugger on the holidays - I quit obligatory gift giving years ago... even for myself. I like his chair!

    I do know what I want for a New Year's todo... I want a place on the water.... on a quest. A tree and some water. I really don't think that's too much to ask for. seriously

    I have so enjoyed waking up in this room with the view of the sun coming up over the water and birds flying across the early morning sun ... mist and fog over the hills ... man?

    I'm on a quest. Then when you get your van you will have a place to come and play in a different environment... and we can reminisce about the days we were longing for your van and me a place close to my g'kids with a tree and some water ... we'll laugh and laugh over what took us soooo long SIGH

  4. I'm glad you realized there were things you wanted (RV) that you didn't get. You need to be very, very good and maybe the cabin will sell and the RV will show up. And don't forget you got one RV for Christmas, just not the size you wanted.

  5. I put window film on mine, and have for years. It's a mirror on the outside during the day, reflects all that heat back. Makes a ton of difference on bills too.

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    I am really happy you found this little piece of heaven. Sounds like you are back on track.
    Yes that would be great to wake up there and sit and watch the sun come up and see the ducks and things flying over the water. AAHHH

    Hello John,
    But John I have been very good. And I should have gotten what I wanted. :( I don't know if I can do another year of being that good. I guess I should be gratefull I didn't get any coal in my stocking.

    Hello Trouble,

    I would much rather get some nice new double pane windows. Like my dad used to say how's it feel to want.

    Thank you all for stopping by today.

  7. My brother says the temps are running about 10* lower than normal for this time of year here in Tucson. Is he joshing me???? Better than in the twenties in PA! So did you get your water running?
    I have my bro and s-i-l interest peaked in looking at RV's (giggle) Hope they end up getting one!! Don't lose heart.... sometimes gifts are delayed so you end up with a better choice than originally fathomed ;-)

  8. Hello Sunny,
    Your brother is right. This is cold we get cold but not for this long a period of time. 2 yrs ago we went down to 17 drgrees twice and both times I had blow pipes. :0

    Yes the water is back on but they mentioned another leak was found at a discussion meeting this morning.

    I'm not worried about finding the right RV it will come along. But now you have your brother and sil looking too. That's funny

    Nice of you to stop by today thanks

  9. Exciting to hear you had a bite on the trailer!

    Maybe Little Green Just moved on and found another person to feed him. I hope! :)

  10. Hi tinycamper,
    Thank you it is exciting but lets hope they go through with it.