Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little Green Showed Up

The wind sure is blowing out there tonight. And the temp is dropping again.  Someone
asked if its true that we don't get this many days of cold. I don't remember it lasting this
long. We have had some really cold weather in the past  but it just didn't last this long.
We were supposed to be in the 60s this week and it is still in the 50s. And looks like
another rain storm is heading this way.

I ran to Wally world today forgetting it was the 3rd. I found  a parking space near the
garden center. Found what I needed and got on line. I hate shopping when the store is
crowded. I hate shopping period. Unless its a Art & Craft show of course.

I was late leaving for the store because I was looking for Little Green. I spotted her in the
bushes. I believe she is to smart for the cage thing. I moved it closer and lower to the bush
she hangs out in. Hope maybe tomorrow she finds that yummy seed they are so fond of.

Well that's all for tonight.

Good Night All


  1. I wish you would scare up some warmer weather for you and then forward it this way.

  2. YAY! Glad Little Green showed up. I'm very surprised he is doing okay in this weather. Years ago I had a parakeet in a cage and the instructions said don't let him get a draft.

    I guess Little Green showed them! :)

  3. Good morning John,

    I'm trying my best but I think you have to have some kind of magic.

    Have a wonderful day cold or not.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Yes she must be a hardy little thing to survive out there at night in the wind and damp cold.

    Nice to see you this cold wind morning.

  4. Wow Jo, I think we are kindred spirits. Every time we have to go to the store all I can do is think how much I hate to shop. Of course that statement is not true for all stores but we don't have any of those here.

    Bet you will be able to lure green into a cage at some point. It is 21 here this morning and hopefully you aren't that cold.

  5. Another one who here who hates to shop!

    50's sound good to me! We are currently in central AL where we woke to low 20's.

  6. HI JMD,
    Grocery shopping to me is most anoying and these huge Super Stores are the worst. They made the isles slanted,straight and round abouts. Things are never where you would think to find them.UCK

    I don't know about littel green getting in the cage but I will leave it there.
    We had a bit warmer morning than you and the day was really nice.

    Oh Phyllis,
    That cold. Seems like most of the places that used to be warm and now colder this winter.
    Stay warm if possible.

    Nice to see you both here today.

    1. Jo, you are too funny. I hate the top shelf at Walmart. It is made for basketball players to reach! The only way I can get anything down is to have my husband help me. PS I am not an inch tall.