Saturday, January 19, 2013

Home At Last

 I am to tired to fight this stupid thing so let the pictures fall
where they may
We had some really cold weather in the morning and the
wind blew like crazy. But it sure turned to a pretty day and
the wind stopped.  Walked around some  and stopped and
had lunch. Before we knew it it was time to head back.
The ride back was much better than the ride back and we

we figured out the way to go to make it much easier
but not much more exciting. Let face open desert is open
desert and everything seems the same.  We made a few
stops along the way to get out and stretch and you the
important stuff, and one stop to eat a quick bite and get
back on the road.


  1. Where'd you go? Oh, and now that you're back home you need to approve your comments.

  2. Oh.... I was expecting a vividly descibed tale of the awesome places you went and what all you did and saw. Sounds like you'd had much more fun stopping by that RO-DAE-O!

  3. Good Morning John,
    I fixed it. Had a few problems with blogger again.
    Went up to Kingman but I don't know if I will go back. Hate fast long trips.

    Hi Sunny,

    Blooger has changed the way you down load pictures and it is so agrivating that I just give up. But yes I would have loved to stop and watched the Rodeo and all those great looking guys. hahaah.

  4. Jo, I had the same problem with photos and had to click on HTML to get any uploaded at all. My problem now is that I'm not getting any comments so am working with my daughter to figure it all out.

  5. Hello Winderly,
    I knew about the HTML but I they were not coming out where I wanted them to be. Sunny sent me an e-mail and said to post the pictures first then get them down to the bottom get the curser to the left and hit enter until I get them far enough down to write my post. this shouldn't be this hard. I sure wish they would get this fixed already. I also had lost my comments but I went in and fixed that part. You have to go into a new post don't post just hit find to left where it says comments, click the first box and the next item hit click on neve. Unfortunely you get all these junk e-mails from peolpe trying to sell youj a load of crap about what a good writer you so they can try and sell you something. Good luck