Friday, January 18, 2013

The Minus 5 Star Motel 6

The ride itself thru PHX even though I didn't drive
was horrible. There was a very bad accident and it held up
traffic for about 30min. It was bad and hope who ever was
in the upside down car was OK or at least not to badly hurt.

Of course most of the drive is boring.

When we finally checked into the room it was filthy and
I don't think it was cleaned at all. Who ever was in that
room the night before must of slept on top of the covers
you see the imprint,  so the lazy maid did nothing. The toilet had left overs in the bowl, and all it would have taken  was another flush and crumbs were all over the floor. They did not
hesitate to give me a new room and this one was a tad
better. But as always you make the best of it and it is only
one night.

the scenery


OH look green stuff
People, horses are we there?

Its a rodeo can we stop?  NO!

More tomorrow after I get home

Good Night All


  1. That's terrible about the motel. More of a reason to get your own RV. Where are you headed, too bad you could not stop at the Rodeo.

  2. Motel 6 has really gone down hill in recent years. Glad it was passable.

  3. I have come to dread motels. If I can't sleep in my trailer, I don't want to go anywhere overnight!

    Enjoyed your photos. What is the green stuff? :)