Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Ready

Hate even mention what a  beautiful day this was for fear of it going away again.

No hard freeze last night and the day was almost perfect except for the crazy winds.

Had to make a Wally run this morning for a set of twin sheets. I was hoping for flannel
but the store clerk said with the cold they are all sold out. So just bought the cheapest set and
and wandered around for a while. Picked up some light blue yard for my grand daughters
hat and curly scarf set. Found some really pretty burgundy yarn for a set for the cancer
Bought  more yogurt and away I went.

Washed the sheets and a few small loads of laundry. Packed a small bag for the road trip
tomorrow. It will just be one night out and back home again Sat. afternoon. It's a short
trip but a trip.

Don't know if anyone else had a problem with blogger again. I had to sign in every time
I wanted to get on and I had to hunt for my comments. I didn't have to sign on this time
and I will see tomorrow if I have to go hunting for my comments.

Don't know if I will log on tomorrow night yet so ... Have a great weekend and be safe.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, have a great weekend and a good trip.

  2. Enjoy your trip, it sounds so cold in Tuscon, I can't believe it I always thought that city was the valley of the sun and sunshine. We are having cold, snow and ice coming in, mother nature punishing us for 112 days of sun, humidity and blue skies last year I guess...I only hope it won't snow in seattle the last week of the month, will go up to see our only child and when it snows in seattle the people go nuts, no one drives worth a you know what and it makes it dangerous, we will have to take the amtrak or the dreaded bus, don't want to have our car destroyed..take care, love love love your blog, hope the green budgie comes back and you can get her or him and get her or him to some place safe!

  3. Good morning John,
    Thank you.

    Hi Anon,
    It is warming up niceley now. We don't get this kind of cold very often. You have a safe trip visiting your child and hope the weather is realy nice for you.

    thank you for stopping by.

  4. Had no problems with blogger, but i'm crossing fingers, toes, everything,,,lol.

  5. Beautiful day here too. Saw the swans this morning for the first time since the ice... so pretty.

    I'm so curious about your Blogger problems. so far so good over here! ... wonder if it's your browser problem ... you use Firefox?

    And packing for a trip ... short or long ... is fun.