Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lots of Predators Today

We had some better temps today. They say the high today was 44 I do believe that
 is to low. Tonight's low will be 36 that is like a heat wave. High tomorrow is going
to be 67. Lets brake out the shorts.

Fred, went to the groomers today and had a bath and nail trim. I can't even be on
the property or he whines and carries on something terrible.  So I drove to the 
Family Dollar Store and picked him up a new pillow for his man cave and stopped at
the post office to mail a letter. I drove around the area for a little bit to see all the changes
since we lived around there in the 80's . Some changes are good some not. Oh well its to
be expected.

I was getting a cup of coffee later on and saw a Roadrunner feasting on something. I
could tell what it was and I guess I'm glad for that.  Later I was again at the sink and saw
the hawk dive into the bushes. By time I grabbed my camera both times they were gone.
Later on I thought I saw a cat in the next yard. Yet I sure did and as I opened the door I
saved a bird from the cat.

I did catch a shot of  quail which isn't easy as the move all the time. There were about
5 but kept going out of sight behind the bushes or closer to the house. I also tried to
get a better shot of Little Green but the wind kept turning the feeder.

At least we know she is still OK

Gamble's Quail Male

Good Night All


  1. Warmer temps sure step up the activity. Glad to see it.

  2. Warmer temps increase the activity, yeah!

  3. Glad little green is okay! HAHAHaaaa a pillow for Fred's man cave... hahaaa jeeeeez

    great picture of the quail!

    Night, Jo ;)

  4. good morning John,
    Yes the warmer weather is nice but today the wind and rip all your hair out of your head. Oh well at least we aren't freezing.
    Thanks for coming

    Hi Carolyn,
    Yes I can't believe he made it through those freezing nights please hir little heart.
    fred loves his new pillow.

    Glad to see you this windy morning.

  5. Jo, apparently we do not have all the hawks. But by the sheer number eating our birds I would have guessed differently.

  6. Hi JMD.
    Now that the weather has warmed up I will cut back on the feedings and hope the hawks finds new territory to hunt. I will continue to feed the hummers. Also have been inundated by doves and want that to be cut back too as they are very dirty. When I get back I will have to hose down the yard and bird bath. Every thing is covered in bird droppings and can cause serious illness.
    Thanks for coming by today.

    1. I really enjoyed your wildlife accounts today! Also appreciated the picture of what could be seen of Little Green! :)