Monday, January 7, 2013

Not Much to Post

Just another cold day hit was 58.
I put some things up in the shed but can't lift them by myself so that was the end
of that chore.

Did a lot of crocheting and finished some hats.

Took some short walks with Fred. He wasn't very interested in being out side either.

Hope tomorrow will  be a bit busier.

Good Night All


  1. Hope things improve for you weather wise, then you can send it to us.

  2. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow and sun-shiny!

  3. Night, Jo. Wishing you and Fred sunny skies and warm weather!

  4. Snow here in Tombstone tomorrow. Maybe! Rosalita

  5. Hi Jo, just wondering if u know what happened to the blog lady---four windows with a view? Her travels were interesting.

  6. Good Morning John,
    I hope so too. getting itchy to do things. But if I can send something better your way I sure will.

    Hey Carolyn,
    I'm awake Good Morning :)

    Hello Sunny,
    Won't that be a great day to get out and do things.

    Hi tinycamper,
    Thank you for the good wishes. Hope your weather improves also.

    Hello Rosalita,

    Welcome to my blog.
    I was really hoping to get up that way soon but I guess I will wait until next month and hope it warms up a bit.

    Hello Lee and welcome.

    The last blog I read said she was thinking of taking a trip in her smaller rv. The time before this last posting she didn't post for close to a year.
    Hope all is well with her.

    Thank you all for stopping by today.

  7. Hi Jo,

    Still a bit nippy here also and apparently this is a cold front that will push in from the north that will cover most of the USA. It is suppose to be here around the middle of month so time to get the "woolies" out for sure.

    You have almost inspired me start crocheting again, of course I can't remember any of the stitches. lol

  8. Uhmmm, make that there is a cold front that will....

  9. Hello JMD.
    I hadn't crocheted in about 35 years. But I started out with the chain and double crochet. And pretty much I still do that hahaha I have advanced some but not much now I can make beanies.
    Good luck make yourself a lap robe it will keep you warm through this cold spell. Oh and I can make granny squares I just make one big one.

  10. I can't remember how to make a trbl stitch, guess I will buy a beginners book of stitches. I found a great site that has free patterns and want to make shopping bags for the grocery store. I hopefully can and would like to make some as gifts. First figuring out how to do the stitches and then how to find the yarn without the ordering on line.

    If you want the link to the site I will send it to you, lots of stuff but there is a significant amount for the knitters.

  11. Why don't you send me and e-mail so I can ask you a few questions or you can ask me maybe I can talk you through some of it. Then we can both be wrong. :)

  12. On this site? Do you have a private email?