Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pretty Nice Day

It was a little warmer today maybe about 60 degrees.

I took off early to go to Wally world for some fruit and veggies. The fruit is really going throught the roof in price. And the veggies I wanted they didn't have. Doing this smoothie thing is very costly but it is working quite well. I'm happy with it.

Then had to go to a discussion meeting at 2pm. at the club house.

This afternoon Fred and I hung out in the yard. My pretty bird feeder broke and hit the ground and I had lots of glass to pick up.
When I went to Wally's I bought a cheap plastic one. They have these new cake things for the little cage feeders and the birds love them. They are the type that don't melt and get your hands all slimmy. I spotted Little Green out at the other feeder this morning she is looking fine. I put the cage on the porch so it won't get ruined. I want to return it to my friend. I do not see me catching Little Green.

That's all for tonight.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like the feathered population have learned the address of Jo's cafe.

  2. Good morning John,
    haha for know they get feed because of this terrible cold. Once it warms up I will not fee them anymore. The seeds can bring nasy critters in warm weather.
    Have a great day. hope the weather is better.

  3. Enjoyed the update on the feeder and Little Green. Glad the weather has improved.

  4. Hello tinycamper.
    One more nice day and then we are going to get slammed.
    Have a great evening.