Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow on the Mountains

It sure was a cold one today. And the wind was pretty tough.

But that never stops a hunt for treasurers in 2nd hand stores or RV Lots.  The RV lot
produced nothing. So on to the shopping. And boy did we shop.

We hit about 3 Good Will Stores a Saver and something else but can't remember. And
a Discount Grocery Store. Today was senior discount day and some had 50% off day.
I picked up a thermal shirt at one store and a little pottery pot, total $3.47. At another I
found a warmer plate for my coffee cup to keep my coffee warm while I sit at the computer,
 1.50, Then while Lucy was checking out I wandered to the register and there it was the
 beautiful bowl. I looked at the price which was $9.99. I wasn't going to buy it even though
I was drooling and then the girl said its 50% off. That was all it took and it is now mine.
At the grocery store I found a large bag of baby spinach which usually sells for almost
 $3. Was only $1.99.

Not a bad day at all and with the snow on the mountains it just made it a great day.

This mountain range is called Rincon Mountain On the far east side

 These are also the Rincons but further south look how low the snow fell
 This is Catalina Mountain on the Northeast the Ski Lodge is up there you can see all the
 radio towers on top
 Threw these in for my male readers Davis Monthan Airbase

My new bowl

 And I just thought this was so cute

Good Night All


  1. Better be careful, that snow is sneaking down the mountains toward you.

  2. hahaaa that's fun shopping ... but you do realize that when you downsize to a van? yer shopping days are going to get reeeeally interesting. you only got so much room ... sure is fun though ... very nice bowl!

    pretty snow!

  3. Great finds. I can't go shopping anymore at the thrift stores...no room. Sigh. Mingus mountain had snow yesterday morning and the wind blowing was so cold. Hope we are about done with this type of weather since I am more than anxious to warm up.

  4. Good morning John,

    Yes it sure is coming in low. I live way west of there so I don't have to worry to much. But we have had some snow on this side a few times.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I did good considering all the stores we hit. The upside is I have been cleaning out lots of stuff to make room for new. hahaha, After all I am not giving up my home. Have to have a home base.


    That wind sure does bite when it blows off those snow covered mountains.
    Sorry you can't shop anymore, maybe you can do a clean out and donate it back for something new to you.