Monday, January 28, 2013

More Rain and Cold Again

Of course out first out wasn't to bad but that didn't last long.
The wind came up strong and the clouds were so dark and
thick. Temps dropped and it sure was cold.

Took my time over coffee and some blogs. Then played

Around 8:45 it was time to get ready to go for my hair cut.
So off I went and had a new girl cut my hair. I like it. Then
off I went to Wally World for a few things.

I came home and put up the crock pot for Lasana Soup.
This weather is great soup weather. Also cooked a spaghetti

Filled the bird feeders and took Fred for a walk. And then
came a hard down pour. Glad we got the walk in when we

Look who showed up today. Hadn't seen Little Green in a
few days.
These are today's clouds 

Hope everyone is staying dry and warm
Good Night All 


  1. great picture of little green! he looks fluffy and well... storms predicted here tomorrow with tornado warnings... sigh

  2. The pictures of the clouds are depressing, I hope things clear for you soon.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Little Green looks good and boy can she eat.
    Hope the tornado stays away good luck and stay safe.

    Hello John,
    Yes it does get depressing after almost a week now. It should clear up today sometime but it sure is cold.

  4. They tell me there are parrots here in the RGV of south TX. I sure hope to be lucky enough to see some.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    I do not understand how this little thing has survived the freezing temps we have had. I'm sure glad she has. These are tropical birds, and this sure isn't a tropical climate.

    1. Don't know what happen to my message!!!! Anyway love the pictures and that little birdie how where has he been? Fun day today but I didn't buy anything whats with later..Kathy