Sunday, January 27, 2013

Got Clouds 2

I sure slept great last night.  I awoke with a start when I realized it was light out. I jumped
up and brushed my teeth and got dresses to take Fred out. He sure was in a hurry too. It
was warm but lots of clouds in the sky. We came back in and I got me a nice cup of coffee
threw Fred a toy and we played for awhile. Fred got bored and went to his man cave and I
got busy reading blogs and e-mails.

After my shower we went out and it sure had gotten chilly. But it never rained today just
stayed grey and cloudy.

I finally got my bag out of the car and put things away. Made a nice big pot of veggie soup.
Worked on some crocheting things and did pretty much nothing.

Just something I found in the Lobby of the Motel odd I thought I like odd things.


Lucy, Liz and Patsy standing around freezing.
 On the road home the clouds just kept coming and sometimes the sun peeked out.

This is kind of scary looking don't you think you can see the rain coming down and then we drove right into it. Couldn't see much in front
If I can just reach that blue spot and stay ahead of anymore rain

Just lost the last 2 pictures
Good Night All


  1. That first picture must be a horse buggy, usually horses pull the buggy not ride in it. That does make it odd.

  2. Good morning John,

    Silly thing all the limbs moved on the horse.
    We sure have some nasty cloud out here still and chilly again.
    Hope your weather is better

  3. Jo, the picture of a dark cloud looks like part of a whale with his big eye looking right in the camera!
    I always enjoy your pictures!

  4. Hello Joni,
    Yes and boy did he spout a hard flow of water on us as we drove down the road.

    Thank you and glad you enjoy my pictures.

  5. I really like the things you find! Pretty cool looking horse!

    Some nasty looking clouds up there!

  6. Hi Jim,

    The horse caught my eye as soon as I walked on the door.

    Yes clouds are nasty and today the same plus really high winds.

    Nice to see you today thanks for stopping by

  7. The clouds on one side of our home are absolutely black as night, toward Sedona, the other side sunshine....go figure. Camp Verde (we are not there, received 1.3 inch of rain...woo hoo. Pretty major for Arizona. Maybe it will help...or not. I dunno.

    I am hoping you will show more photos of things you are making? Any plans..?

  8. Hello JMD,

    The sky has been so dark like you said and then some places the sun gets through and the mountains look so mysterious. It is quite cold again too.

    I am working on simple things right now but if I do something worth showing I sure will. Have you gotten started yet?
    No plans at this time. Unless I find me a little RV.

    Thanks for coming by. Check tomorrows blog.