Saturday, January 26, 2013

Got Clouds ?

As I said we were going on a road trip. Left Friday morning in very cloudy ski's . Ran into fine drizzling all the way. I was on and off most of the way. When we arrived it was very warm and humid and I some how did a lousy job of packing. All the clothes I brought were way to heavy.

We headed to meet up for lunch and the place they had picked was so crowded and loud we left and a went across the street to Chilli's. Had a great lunch but couldn't get hold of some women so missed about 4 others.

After we returned to the Park where most live I was given the grand tour. And introduced to more great people.

Later that night there was a dinner in the park and then bingo. We had a great time and lots of laughs.

By time we got to the motel it had started raining much heavier. And continued to rain all night. Yet another nasty motel, I hate motels. I make fluffier pancakes then their pillows and seems they do not make hot water until 6:30am.

By morning we knew all the adventures we had planned were not to be had. Picked up Liz and went to breakfast at the Mirage. We just had to have their famous pancakes made with beer batter. They are called hubcaps, yes hubcaps. They fill the entire large plate. Oh was it good but I was not able to finish it.

Said more good byes as we went to see what the rain had caused.

This on Friday was 2 dog parks and the trash bin holders. The bin in the middle  was way up to the left it just floated to this spot

This fish was in the lobby of the nasty motel, the fish isn't specled the tank is that dirty

The clouds this morning in Apache Junction

The clouds just kept dropping until you could no longer see the mountains and then came more rain.

There are more pictures to come as we made out way home. Will post more tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. I don't like hotel/motels either. I hope you get your dream mobile soon!

  2. I have done one motel in the last 5 years and hated it. Might be ten years before the next one. Sorry you had such a lousy day weather wise.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Many years ago I had to do maid work to support my kids and myself. We had our rooms inspected by
    a supervisor. If she found the smallest problem you had to go back and strip the room and start all over again. I hate motels.

    Hi John,

    I hope I find me a rig quick I want to go back to the area to see Superstition Mountain, the ghost town of Goldfield, and Gold Caynon. That is what the rain beat us out of.

    You 2 have a great day and thanks for stopping in.

  4. lol... pancakes fluffier than their pillows... I know that scene! I always bring in my own pillow. I don't trust pillows in motels...

    I've had pretty good luck with motels as a whole. I have had some bad ones. Before I unloaded stuff, I checked the room out and I have gone back and said it was unacceptable... one motel... I checked out two different rooms and finally just wanted my money back. Both rooms were dirty. I could write a post on my motel experiences... lol... I just might!

    Be sure and write a review on AllStays or their website. I always check out the reviews. They don't have hot water 24 hours??? jumping jeez!

    BUT at least you had hubcap pancakes... and good fellowship ... that's really nice. hiss on the weather.

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I hate Motels with a passion now. I really need to find me that little rig.
    And yes we had great fellowship for sure and the Hubcap pancakes where just the best.