Thursday, January 24, 2013

On The Hunt

At 6:30 am it was really warm out but very cloudy. By 9:30 it was flat out ugly.

Lucy arrived and off we went to look at Vans. I had looked on RV Traders and found a few here in town. I called a RV place and left a message. This morning I called a number that was selling off a fleet of vans. The guy asked what I was wanting and I told him to make a camper out of it. OH he had one already done. Had a generator, fridge, heater and was wired for electric. Ok I will come down and take a look. It had a cot, lawn lounge chair an orange extension cord that ran from the gen under the bed to the front and into the engine compartment. The floor was covered in fake grass, had a gun rack and a fishing pole rack. It had 238,000 miles, no insulation nothing. And all he wanted was $6,000. I said no thanks and thanks for your time not what I had in mind.

The guy from the RV lot called told him what I wanted to look at. He said oh that one sure come on down. So we drove clear back to this side of town and no Class B. Said this was his dad's lot not his.
And? So he called his dad and he sold it a week ago. I mean how hard is it to change your Online Ad.

We went to have lunch and headed home as it had gotten chilly and it was really raining.

After arriving back home my friend in Sierra Vista called and was at a lot there looking at a conversion van. She sent pictures and it is a beauty. I will call tomorrow when I get to Apache Junction and set up a time for Monday to see it. Looks aren't everything.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I don't think I will bring my laptop with me as it is going to be a busy fun filled trip.

Good Night All.


  1. That was sure a run around for nothing day. Too bad they weren't up front in the first place. Sure would have saved you some time.

  2. Good morning John,
    If it at least had been a nice day, but no it rained and was cold. Some men still don't get it that women are not dumb about camping and RVing. Or much else.

  3. Wow, how aggravating! I do hope you find what you are looking for soon.