Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Washed The Car

It was tough but I did get a move on.

I went to crochet class and worked on a replacement scarf.
Got quite a bit done. Then forced myself to go to the car
wash. I told the guy what a bad job they did the last time
and got the super car wash for $7. I watched them like a
hawk. Made sure all 5 doors were opened and that he really
went back there with the hose. When it was done I inspected
every inch of the car to make sure it was clean this time. It
passed my inspection.

I was going to stop at Wally's but just didn't feel like it. So
headed towards home. Kathy had new flooring put in her
house so I call to see if she was busy. She said want to go
for a sandwich? So I checked out her new floors and wow
are the nice. Just some trim is needed and they will be

And off we went. Had a great lunch and then walked through
the shops around the little strip mall. I guess that is what you
call it.

I looked through RV Trader when I came home and they
have a few Vans and Class B's. Maybe I will take a ride and
check a few out.

Good Night All


  1. I need to get my car washed too. All they seem to do is collect dust, then we get a few drops of rain to spot the dust balls.

  2. Good morning John.
    Yes that is exactly what happened we get so much wind and sandy soil just blows like crazy. Then comes a few drops of reain and the car is awful and its red. Of course now it is supposed to rain.
    At least the inside will stay clean.
    Glad you stopped by.

  3. 'morning, Jo ;) go find one... you and Fred head south... be waiting for you ... don't know where but I'll wait for ya... ;)

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    One was a dud the other one was sold and he didn't even know it said its his dad's lot. Tell you dad to update the his on line site.