Friday, February 1, 2013

I Must Have Done Something Today

There was a slight chill this morning on our first out.

I took my time drinking coffee and made my smoothie. Feed Fred.
Took a shower and went to Barb's to give her the dollar I had to borrow when we went out. Also checked out her new recliner. Very nice and comfy. It has an electric thing to recline. Of course we had another power outage this morning and she wondered how she was going to get out of the chair. Luckily it went right back on.

Of course it was enough to have to change all the clocks and I am now going to put away that Krups coffee maker. That thing is a royal pain to set and the last time I could not get it to program for the morning start up. I know,I know, how hard is it to push the button in the morning. Well its hard OK.  I will start to use my Mr. Coffee that I had in the MH it only makes 5 cups but will do. I will use the Krups if I get company and need to make larger pots of coffee.

Oh and I finally called my Drs. office to ask for a good Optometrist. I am not happy with the way I see out of my right eye. So a second oppion is in order. How can they say I don't need glasses when I really can't see very well at all. I was surprised to get an appt. for this coming Monday.

Have a great weekend and be safe.

Good Night All


  1. That recliner is a trap, a person could starve to death waiting for the power to come back on. Hope the vision thing gets taken care of. That can be a pain.

  2. There was a time when the power went out we didn't need to reset everything. But who has a wind up alarm clock any more for that matter!

  3. Good morning John,
    We had a good laugh over that ne let me tell you.
    Yes I really want this problem fixed soon.

    Hello Phyllis,

    You so right. The power goes off here so often for some reason that when I worked I tried to buy one. I really had a tough time but found a little travel battery one it saved my butt a few times.

  4. I got so tired of those clocks I went to battery ones. Love em. Still have to reset a few things like my Mr Coffee, lololol,,,and my VCR.

  5. Hi Trouble,
    At least Mr Coffee is easier to set than those stinkin Krups. Why do they need such crap.

  6. Hope they find out what's causing the vision problem.... and hope it's an easy fix. :)

  7. Hi tinycamper,

    Thank you tinycamper me.

  8. oh, lord... stuck in an electric ELECTRIC? recliner! I've been stuck in a regular recliner ... damn thing wouldn't go down! had to practically crawl out of the thing while beating on it with m'legs. thought I was gonna die

    But to have to wait until the electric came back on? oh, jeeeeez haaaaa...

    I needed this this morning, Jo ... changing clocks and stuck in a recliner and boo hiss on fooling with clocks... HAhaaaa

    love it ~ I tell ya the older I get? the simpler I want ... don't need no stinkin hassles ~ especially with inanimate stuff...

    You ought to see this sunrise ... holy moly